Gabriel, Fleur Dr

Position: Lecturer, Media and Film
Study area: Humanities and Social Sciences
Location: Gippsland Campus, Room 2S 212
Phone: 5122 6327


Graduate Certificate in Education (Tertiary Teaching) - 2017

Doctor of Philosophy – Monash University – 2010

Bachelor of Arts (Hons) – Monash University - 2003

Bachelor of Arts (Communication) – Monash University - 2002



Bachelor of Arts


Adaptations: Literature and Screen

From Homer to Memes: The Evolution and Technologies of Storytelling

Media and Representation

Faking It? Truth in Contemporary Society

Freedom and Control in the Media


Fleur joined Federation University in 2014. She is a lecturer in the Bachelor of Arts program and teaches in the area of Media and Screen Studies. She completed her undergraduate and postgraduate studies at Monash University, graduating with her PhD in 2010. Her thesis developed a deconstructive approach to youth, arguing that the ways in which young people are conceptualised and represented in Western cultural contexts contributes to the construction and treatment of youth as a social problem. This work was published as a book in 2013. Fleur’s other research work explores issues of youth self-formation in relation to new media and the sexualisation of culture, as well as effective student learning and support at university.

Areas of expertise

Deconstruction, discourse analysis, youth identities/subjectivities and media cultures.

Research interests

Youth culture, subjectivity and representation; new/digital media technologies, practices and effects; post-structuralist theory, deconstructive theory; textual and discourse analysis.



Associate supervisor PhD, creative writing: Relational autosomatography and lupus advocacy

Associate supervisor PhD, creative writing: The Changeling as metaphor in trauma memoir

Associate supervisor PhD, sociology: Online self-help discourses


2014 Honours co-supervision, creative writing exegesis: Regina: A True Illusion.

2012 Honours supervision Dissertation title: Cultural and Political Discourse in Singapore: The Impact of New Media on Social Practices and Government.

2011 Honours supervision Dissertation title: Does WikiLeaks Serve the Public Sphere? An Examination of the Relationship Between Old and New Media Leaks and the Public Sphere.



Gabriel, F. (2013) Deconstructing Youth: Youth Discourses at the Limits of Sense. Palgrave Macmillan: UK.

Refereed journal articles

Gabriel F.L., (2014) "Sexting, selfies and self-harm: Young people, social media and the performance of self-development", Media International Australia, Issue 151, pp.104-112.

Gabriel, F.L., (2009) Presumed innocent: The paradox of 'coming of age' and the problem of youth sexuality in Lolita and Thirteen, Platform: Journal of Media and Communication, vol 1, issue 1, University of Melbourne, School of Culture and Communication, Australia, pp. 47-65.

Conference papers

Gabriel, F. (2023, September) “‘People should expect the real me’: Life writing, Meghan Markle, and narrative reclamation”. Paper presented at IABA Asia Pacific 2023 - Virtual: Life Narrative in Unprecedented Times: Writing the Unexpected, Narrating the Future. Hosted by Flinders University.

Duddridge, C., Duffy, M., Edmondson, B., Gabriel, F. & Yell, S. (2016, December) “From Sequential to Integrated Learning: Maximising Moodle”. Paper presented at Moodleposium2016, University of Canberra.

Gabriel, F., Ugon, J., Larkins, J. (2015, Sept/Oct) “Implementing Student Centred Learning in a Traditional Tertiary Environment”. Paper presented at The Australian Conference on Science and Mathematics Education, Curtin University. Refereed abstract.

Gabriel, F. (2013, October) “Sexting, self-harm and social networking: Young people, social media and the performance of self-development”. Paper presented at the Cultural Studies Symposium: Critical and Creative Reconfigurings, University of Ballarat.

Gabriel, F. (2012, December) “Challenging the body of youth: A deconstructive response to the ‘problem’ of sexualisation in youth culture.” Paper presented at the Cultural Studies Association of Australasia Annual Conference: Materialities: Economies, Empiricism and Things, University of Sydney.

Gabriel, F. (2006, July) “The Paradox of ‘Coming of Age’: Deconstructing Youth Identity in Lolita and Thirteen.” Paper presented at the Australian & New Zealand Communication Association International Conference: Empowerment, Creativity and Innovation: Challenging Media and Communication in the 21st Century, University of Adelaide. Refereed abstract.

Gabriel, F. (2004, September) “‘Profane Articulations’: Choice, Containment, Connection and the Concept of Youth.” Paper presented at the Work-In-Progress Postgraduate Conference: WIP It Up: Bad Ideas?, University of Queensland, St. Lucia.


  • Cultural Studies Association of Australasia
  • Australian and New Zealand Communications Association