Dr Dan Tout

Position: Lecturer, History and Sociology
Study area: Humanities and Social Sciences
Location: Office B5 | Building 901 | Berwick Campus
Phone: 5327 6409
Email: d.tout@federation.edu.au


Doctor of Philosophy - Swinburne University of Technology - 2018

Bachelor of Arts (Hons) - Swinburne University of Technology - 2012

Bachelor of Arts - University of South Australia - 2011



  • Bachelor of Arts


  • Aboriginal Affairs and Indigenous Activism (BAXDC2107)
  • Indigenous Australian Human Rights (INDSL2/3369)
  • Modern World Events and Issues (HISOC1312)
  • Introduction to Social Inquiry (SOCIO1001)
  • Ideologies in the Modern World (BAXDC1003)
  • Victorian Aboriginal History (INDSL1004)
  • Indigenous History (BAXDC1002)
  • Introduction to First Nations Perspectives (FEAFN1102)


Dan is a lecturer in history and sociology at Federation University Australia and an Arena Publications Editor. He co-edited the book Cold War to Hot Planet: Fifty Years of Arena (Arena, 2016) and has published a number of refereed articles in journals including Journal of Australian Studies, Australian Journal of Politics & History, Settler Colonial Studies, Agora, and Cultural Studies Review.

Dan currently teaches in Federation University’s history, sociology and Indigenous studies programs, having previously taught at the University of Melbourne, Victoria University and Swinburne University of Technology, where he obtained his PhD in 2018.

Areas of expertise

Dan’s areas of interest and expertise include the history of settler–Indigenous relations in Australia, settler colonial studies, critical Indigenous studies, the sociology of nationalism and national identity, and Australian cultural and political history. His research focuses on settler colonialism and nationalism in Australia and their impacts on and implications for First Nations peoples.

Research interests

  • Indigenous studies
  • Settler colonial studies
  • Nationalism and national identity
  • Cultural history



Hinkson, J, James, P, Cooper, S, Caddick, A, Hinkson, M & Tout, D (eds), Cold War to Hot Planet: Fifty Years of Arena, Arena Publications, Melbourne, 2016.

Book chapters

Tout, D 2016, ‘The Janus Faces of Indigenous Politics’, in Cold War to Hot Planet: Fifty Years of Arena, eds J Hinkson, P James, S Cooper, A Caddick, M Hinkson & D Tout, Arena Publications, Melbourne, 2016, pp. 211-243.

Robinson, A & Tout, D 2012, ‘Unsettling Conceptions of Wilderness and Nature’, in Stolen Lands, Broken Cultures: The Settler-colonial Present, eds J Hinkson, P James & L Veracini, Arena Publications, Melbourne, pp. 153-175.

Refereed journal articles

Cahir, F, Clark, I, Tout, D, Wilkie, B, & Clark, J, ‘Aboriginal Fire-Management Practices in Colonial Victoria’, Aboriginal History, vol. 45, 2022, pp. 109–130.

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Other articles

Tout, D, ‘Juukan Gorge Destruction: Extractivism and the Australian Settler-Colonial Imagination’, Arena, no. 4, pp. 61–67.

Tout, D ‘Belonging’ [book review], Arena Magazine, no. 158, 2019, pp. 55–56.

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Tout, D, ‘Settler Colonial Closures’, Arena Magazine, no. 133, 2014, pp. 12-13.

Associations and memberships

  • The Australian Historical Association (AHA)
  • Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies (AIATSIS)
  • The International Australian Studies Association (InASA)
  • The Institute of Postcolonial Studies
  • The Royal Historical Society of Victoria
  • Warrigunya Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Corporation