Davis, Rob Dr

Position: Senior Lecturer
Location: Mt Helen Campus, T Building, Room T320
Phone: 5327 9726
Email: rs.davis@federation.edu.au


Graduate Certificate in Education – University of Ballarat - 2008

Doctor of Philosophy - Queensland University of Technology – 2005

Master of Education - Queensland University of Technology – 1999

Graduate Diploma in Teaching (Primary) – Brisbane College of Advanced Education – 1989

Bachelor of Science – University of Queensland - 1987



  • Bachelor of Education
  • Master of Teaching (Primary)


  • Science Education - EDBED2009
  • Understanding and Investigating our Worlds – EDFGC5705
  • Teacher Research Project A – EDFGC5810
  • Teacher Research Project B – EDFGC5811


After graduating from the Brisbane College of Advanced Education Rob taught in rural, regional and remote schools in Queensland for the next 15 years. On appointment to the University of Ballarat (and subsequently Federation University) Rob took responsibility for teaching science education to undergraduate and postgraduate pre-service teachers. He has also been Program Coordinator for the Graduate Diploma of Education (Primary) Program (2007 to 2009) as well as the BEd (P-6/P-10) Coordinator (2009 to 2013). In 2014 Rob taught at the University of Chester in the UK as part of an academic staff exchange.

Areas of expertise

Rob's principal area of expertise is science and technology education in primary schools. He is able to provide advice to interested parties on the development and implementation of classroom programs in these areas.

Research interests

Rob's primary research interests are in the field of technology education, but he also undertakes research in other curriculum areas, such as science, SOSE and mathematics.

He is also currently a member of research teams investigating PST preparation and experiences while at university and on professional experience.


Present doctoral students.

Donna Ludvigsen – “Encouraging Reflective Teacher Leadership- a self-study” - Associate Supervisor

Frank Apostoli – “The influence of school-group composition on student performance in mathematics in Australia: A school effects analysis of PISA” – Principal Supervisor


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