Possible futures for the Indian apprenticeships system

Project team

Professor Erica Smith, Project Manager (University of Ballarat)

Associate Professor Ros Brennan Kemmis, Assistant Project Manager (Charles Sturt University)

International team

Dr Bibhuti Roy (India); Dr Ludger Deitmer (Bremen site manager); Dr Linda Miller (Canada and England); Dr AbouBakr Abdeen Badawi (Egypt); Dr M'hamed Dif (France); Dr Andreas Saniter (Germany); Nicolas Serriere (Indonesia); Dr Salim Akoojee (South Africa); A/Prof Ozlem Unluhisarcikli (Turkey); Dr Robert Lerman (United States).

Funding source: The Delhi offices of the International Labour Organization and the World Bank

Research period: July 2012-October 2012

Project aims

The purpose of the study was to review international good practice in apprenticeships and workplace learning and recommend options for future development of the Indian apprenticeship system. A presentation of the options in New Delhi elicited feedback from senior stakeholders in the Indian system. India has a population of 1.2 billion but a very small apprenticeship system, and was looking to expand its system to underpin its rapid economic and social development.

Project phases

  • Phase 1. Apprenticeship in other countries- International experts undertook a desktop review of reports and literature on apprenticeships systems in a range of countries.
  • Phase 2. A framework for a model apprenticeship system- A framework of recommendations and principles for a model apprenticeship system was developed. This was circulated to the country experts for their comments and additional insights based on their country's experiences.
  • Phase 3. Indian system and developments- An analysis of the Indian system was produced; focusing on the current system, key documents relating to the Indian system and Indian labour market.
  • Phase 4. Options paper- The model apprenticeship framework was then analysed in detail against the findings of Phase 3. The framework was validated with the country experts and other invited experts on apprenticeship.
  • September 2012: Phase 5. Validation in India- The options paper was presented at a national consultation workshop on apprenticeships in New Delhi. Feedback from key stakeholders was received and additional Indian context gathered during the visit.
  • Phase 6. Finalisation -The report and options paper were finalised for publication by the International Labour Organization. They are available on the ILO website.

Contact us

For further information about the research, please contact Professor Erica Smith on 03 5327 9665 or at e.smith@federation.edu.au