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How to use the FRED portal

The Federation Request and Enquiry Dashboard, (FRED) portal, is an online system where anyone, whether a current student or otherwise, can ask a question and get a response from a Federation staff member. Select the instructions below that are relevant to you.

I'm a current student

View video: How to use the FRED portal as a current student (video: 3:23 min). It will show you how to:

  • Submit an enquiry
  • Add comments and upload attachments for your enquiry
  • View and respond to portal replies
  • View your previous enquiries

I'm not a current student

I have a simple enquiry with no attachments

You can enter your enquiry directly into the FRED portal. View video on how to use the portal to ask a question (video: 3:26 min)

I have an enquiry that might require back and forth communication with Federation and/or I need to upload documents

For these enquiries see the video instructions below to register as a user, submit an enquiry and add additional information:

I have received an email invitation to use the Fred enquiries portal

View this video on how to respond to an invitation to use the portal. (video 0:51 sec)