Chronicling endangered species on Nanya – a vast biodiversity treasure

Researchers have started a five-year project to study the threats to five endangered animals on the 40,000-hectare Nanya Station, home to several species only found in far western New South Wales.

Teaching our next teachers – educator awarded Fulbright Scholarship

21 January 2020

A Federation University Australia academic has been awarded a Fulbright Research and Teaching Scholarship, one of the most prestigious international educational exchange programs in the world, and a first for the university.

Is it safe to exercise in bushfire smoke?

17 January 2020

If elite athletes are prematurely stopping matches and hospital admissions are increasing, then you might question whether you should be outside. But is there anything damaging about bushfire smoke inhalation and should you exercise in it?

New app could be game changer for dyslexia

10 January 2020

Researchers are tapping into the power of artificial intelligence to help diagnose dyslexia, a lifelong learning disorder that affects an estimated one in 10 Australians.

Life in the Frain lane

6 January 2020

Nicole Frain has taken the road less travelled on her journey to becoming an elite cyclist.

Protecting the pangolin, the world’s most trafficked animal

24 December 2019

A Federation University Australia researcher has joined an international effort to protect a rarely seen and critically endangered mammal.

Digging deep to reveal the history of Australia’s wetlands

20 December 2019

Peter Gell has been recognised for his research across Australia’s wetlands where the cores he extracts from metres below the surface reveal the history of human impact on Australia’s ecosystems.

The maths luminary inspiring future generations

16 December 2019

World renowned mathematician Marco Lopez credits his high school teachers for fuelling his passion for the subject.

Researchers take the fight to typhoid fever with Grand Challenges Explorations grant

9 December 2019

A research team has won a research grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to battle the spread of typhoid fever – a bacterial infection which kills more than 100,000 people a year.