Global Professional School

Where can I go?

Federation University has partner universities in more than 15 countries.

Semester-long Exchange

Exchange programs are available for one or two semesters to students who wish to study overseas. These programs are a great way to immerse yourself in another culture whilst contributing to your Federation University degree.

Exchange programs are open to all students enrolled at Federation University and programs are available for almost all study areas:

Completing a semester overseas does not extend the duration of your Federation University degree, as all studies undertaken through a Semester Exchange are credited towards your degree. - you would study the same or equivalent courses in the host country as to what you would study at the same time in Australia.

You continue to pay the same tuition fees to Federation University that you normally would pay, not to the partner university

Short-term (Winter or Summer) programs

A short program provides the ideal opportunity to experience a taste of overseas study at one of Federation University’s partner universities around the world without committing to a full semester abroad.

Programs run for between two and four weeks, with most being offered during the semester breaks.

You may be able to fast-track your Federation University degree by completing approved subjects sooner.

New Colombo Plan (NCP) study tours

Study tours are intensive programs led by Federation University academics and allow you to combine international study and cultural immersion while gaining credit or clinical placement hours towards your degree. NCP tours are supported with Australian Government funding to make this an easily affordable option.

Study tours usually run for two to three weeks with most being offered during the semester breaks and are organised by the various school’s while being coordinated by the Mobility Office.