How do I enrol?  

Enrol in your subjects at a course level through my Student Centre then select your timetable through MySchedule. Please refer to the ‘Enrol in your courses’ step above.

What do I enrol into? 

For new students without credit and continuing students following the standard progression, refer to step 2 locate your program structure above.

For all other students, refer to your personalised study plan. If you require an updated study plan, please contact us.

I have electives to study; how do I choose them? 

Some schools have electives within their program structures and some have a separate list which can be found in the program information/program structures section for your School. If you cannot find this list or are unsure what you can study, please contact us.

How do I know whether a course is first, second or third year? 

Refer to the first number in the course code. If the first number is a 1, e.g. SCBIO1020, this is an introductory level course and typically taken in first year . If the first number is a 2, e.g. BUMKT2004, this is an intermediate level course and typically taken in second year. If the number is a 3, e.g. NURBN3030, this is an advanced level course and typically taken in third year.

Courses where the first number begins with a 4 or higher are not eligible to be enrolled in by undergraduate students, unless specifically in your program structure.

Many programs have rules regarding the maximum number of first-year courses and minimum number of third-year courses, so please ensure you refer to your program structure for any rules.

Do I only enrol for Semester 1?

No - it is vital to enrol into the whole year so we can plan timetables and staffing accordingly.

What do I enrol into if I want to study part time? 

Some programs have a part-time structure available on the Institute enrolment page. For other programs, contact us.

I’m an international student and want to reduce my study load? 

Contact International Student Compliance at internationalcompliance@federation.edu.au for permission.

What if I wish to take a break from my studies? 

To take leave of studies or withdraw, visit here.

How can I confirm I have enrolled into my subjects? 

You can view your classes in the Class Schedule tile in my Student Centre, and select the “By Class” tab and untick “Dropped Classes” if applicable.

How do I apply for credit? 

Please complete the credit transfer application form and upload to the enquiry portal. Credit applications and all supporting documents must be received by the end of Week 2 of your first semester. We recommend enrolling into the first year of courses while you are awaiting the credit outcome.