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Dr Ranesh Naha

Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Sustainable Smart Cities and Regions

Centre for Smart Analytics


Centre for Smart Analytics


Gippsland Campus, Online

HRFP: Highly Relevant Frequent Patterns-Based Prefetching and Caching Algorithms for Distributed File Systems

A blockchain-based framework for automatic SLA management in fog computing environments

Analysis of applying blockchain technology to hospitality operation

Efficient Prefetching and Client-Side Caching Algorithms for Improving the Performance of Read Operations in Distributed File Systems

Multiple linear regression-based energy-aware resource allocation in the Fog computing environment

Secure IoT data using blockchain

Characterisation and comparative analysis of thematic video portals

Computationally efficient path planning algorithm for autonomous vehicle

Process Automation in an IoT–Fog–Cloud Ecosystem: A Survey and Taxonomy

Providing consistent state to distributed storage system

SMOaaS: a Scalable Matrix Operation as a Service model in Cloud

Towards secure fog computing: A survey on trust management, privacy, authentication, threats and access control

A-CAFDSP: An Adaptive-Congestion Aware Fibonacci Sequence based Data Scheduling Policy

A realistic and efficient real-time plant environment simulator

Deadline-based dynamic resource allocation and provisioning algorithms in Fog-Cloud environment

Energy Efficient Elliptical Concave Visibility Graph Algorithm for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle in an Obstacle-rich Environment

FogAuthChain: A secure location-based authentication scheme in fog computing environments using Blockchain

Fog-computing architecture: Survey and challenges

IoTSim-Edge: A simulation framework for modeling the behavior of Internet of Things and edge computing environments

Machine learning-based modelling for museum visitations prediction

Piracy on the internet: Publisher-side analysis on file hosting services

A micro-level compensation-based cost model for resource allocation in a fog environment

Fog computing: Survey of trends, architectures, requirements, and research directions

Diverse approaches to cloud brokering: Innovations and issues

Cost-aware service brokering and performance sentient load balancing algorithms in the cloud

Evaluation of cloud brokering algorithms in cloud based data center

Brokering and load-balancing mechanism in the cloud - Revisited

Optimized load balancing for efficient resource provisioning in the cloud