Institute of Education, Arts and Community (Domestic)

Welcome to our Berwick Campus! Scroll down to find out what's happening on campus during Orientation, including dates and times for sessions and activities!

You'll also find self-paced content, support and resources in our Orientation Hub from 1 February to add to your on-campus experience,

Your program

We've put together a range of cohort-specific info sessions so you can learn about the requirements of your degree, what to expect, and the Institute of Education, Arts and Community. You'll also get the chance to meet a few of your lecturers and discover the many support services we have available at Federation.

All students

Add this to your must-attend list and learn essential information about your degree.

9.30–10 am Free breakfast and welcome to campus
Start the day with a free breakfast and hear from the Head of Campus, who will welcome you to Federation and outline some of the standout features of your campus.
Main Quadrangle, Building 901
10–11 am Welcome to the Institute of Education, Arts and community
Hear from the head of IEAC and learn more about the range of options available to you at Fed.
Room G43, Building 901
11 am–12 pmActionBound campus tour
Explore your campus and compete for prizes in this app-based scavenger hunt!
Room G121, Building 903
12–1 pmLunch and support services
Enjoy a free lunch find out about our support services.
Main Quadrangle, Building 901
1–2 pm Program overview
Learn more about your degree and meet a lecturer or two.

Room G43, Building 901

Bachelor of Secondary Education (Health and Physical Education Teaching)
Room G68, Building 902

Bachelor of Outdoor and Environmental Education
Room G68, Building 902

Bachelor of Sport, Physical and Outdoor Education -
Room G68, Building 902

Bachelor of Secondary Education
Room 197, Building 902

Bachelor of Education (Primary)
Room 197, Building 902

Bachelor of Education Studies
Room 197, Building 902

Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood and Primary)
Room G57, Building 902

Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood Education)
Room 162, Building 902

Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood Education) - Diploma Entry
Room 162, Building 902

Bachelor of Criminology and Criminal Justice
Room 160, Building 902

Bachelor of Community and Human Services
Room 158, Building 902

Bachelor of Arts
Room 163, Building 902

Advance to University
Room 195, Building 902

2–3 pmLibrary tour
Head to the library for a personal tour.

Masters of Social Work students only

We've designed an extra Orientation day just for you! We also recommend attending the main Institute of Education, Arts and Community Orientation above so you can find out more about Federation services and participate in social activities.
10.30 am–12.30 pmWelcome to the Masters of Social Work
Meet your program staff, hear from current students about their experiences and get essential program information.
Room G121, Building 903
12.30–1.15 pm LunchRoom G79, Building 902 (Student Lounge)
1.15–5 pmProgram overviewRoom G121, Building 903

Academic skills

Keen to brush up on your academic skills before you start classes? Come along to Get FedReady: academic skills for success to find out how to do research, write assignments, use references, manage your study load, use Federation computer systems and more!

Get ready to smash your first assignment!

10 am–12 pmHopes, concerns & questions
Understanding the question
Finding evidence
Reading and planning
Room G43, Building 901
12–1 pmLunchStudent Lounge, Building 902
1–3 pmGetting started on your assignments
Academic writing and structure
Incorporating evidence
Student discussion panel
Room G43, Building 901

Social events

Celebrate the start of your university journey with new friends during Orientation and FedFest! We've got heaps of fun activities planned to make it easy for you to meet other students and get excited about uni life! We know that being at university isn't just about study – kicking back and connecting with mates is important too.

We've planned two weeks of social events, beginning during Orientation and continuing into Week 1!

Wednesday 1 March (11 am–2 pm) & Thursday 2 March (12–3 pm)
Main Quad

FedFest keeps that carnival atmosphere going through Week 1 of semester! We don't want you to get too serious about study right away, after all! Join us for live music, art activities, sport, competitions, free merch and heaps more!

Download the FedFest map to find out what's happening at Berwick Campus.

Monday 20 February & Wednesday 22 February

During Orientation, your campus will be divided into different zones – food trucks, entertainment, games, student services, market stalls and more! You'll be able to connect with your peer mentor, try different activities, grab a bite to eat, meet other students and have fun! We want you to get a feel for the Berwick Campus vibe and see what Federation has to offer.

Check out the Orientation Zones map and plan your day.

Find your way around campus

View the Berwick Campus map (pdf, 2.7mb)