life hack noun


: a simple and clever tip or technique for accomplishing some familiar task more easily and efficiently.
- Merriam Webster Dictionary.

Life Hacks are all about eliminating frustrations or barriers in innovative and stunningly simple ways that are efficient and obvious in retrospect.

Don't just do life – Hack life at Federation University and TAFE

Whether you’re starting from the start or somewhere in the middle, further education will help you launch or boost your career.

There has long been a disconnect in academia between what you study and the practical skills you need to enter the workforce.

The beauty of our co-operative education model and our deep connections with industry is the combination of learning and doing - two things which have historically been linear.

We’ve reimagined education in Australia and are providing a two-birds-one-stone solution.

We’re offering a smarter and more efficient way to get educated, experienced and launch, or boost, a career.

Our co-operative education model is a life hack for education.

Co-operative Education Model

Our Co-operative Learning Model is one of the first of it's kind in Australia, linking you directly to your future industry with meaningful connections and life-changing opportunities.

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Smash Life

Andrew Russell has become one of AFL’s top fitness coaches.

After graduating from Federation University, Andrew worked as an assistant coach with Essendon, before being head-hunted by Port Adelaide. He later worked at Hawthorn Football Club for 14 years, assisting the club to win four premierships.

Currently working as Carlton Football Club’s Director of High Performance, Andrew keeps the team motivated and in optimum physical condition.

“The quality of the lecturers and the learning environment in my course at Federation definitely set me up for work life”.

Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Science

Nurture Life

Myles Medwell completed a Bachelor of Psychological Science, Graduate Diploma of Psychological Science and a Master of Professional Psychology.

“I chose to study Psychological Science at Federation because of the university’s commitment to creating a sense of community and belonging.

Due to this devotion, I have been fortunate in developing professional relationships with members of the psychology department which have resulted in unique opportunities.

For example, in the last year of my bachelor degree, I was offered an internship at the Austin Hospital as a research assistant.

Such an experience wouldn’t exist without Federation’s commitment to developing an environment where interpersonal relationships between staff and students are welcome.

Bachelor of Psychological Science

Shape Life

Marsha Wans completed her studies at Federation. Now she's teaching children and helping to shape the next generation of educators at Rose Garden Child Care in Berwick, where she mentors many Federation students as they complete their work placements.

“We as mentors are able to learn from the students and we are able to work collaboratively to learn from each other”

“Federation's placement program allows students to network and connect with educators and teachers in the industry to support their training and understanding of the early education field.

This experience is critical in teaching students the ongoing requirements of the industry and how best to engage children in learning and take on a role as an early childhood teacher.”

Bachelor of Early Childhood Education

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Aboriginal Education Centre (AEC)

The Aboriginal Education Centre (AEC) has a strong and vibrant cultural presence at Federation University with five offices based across the following campuses - Mt Helen, SMB, Wimmera, Berwick and Gippsland. The AEC is the central location for all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander matters at Federation University.