Big biopsychosocial data analytics and predictive modelling

The proposed research project will involve working on the cutting edge transdisciplinary “Biopsychosocial Big Data”. The framework used to analyse this biopsychosocial big data will be aligned to the big data analysis framework. The big data analysis framework will define the research questions and their impact assessments at every stage of the analytics flow starting from data collection and data processing, choice of analysis type and analytic mode and finally evaluating impact of medications and interpreting the results using appropriate data visualization approaches. The research has significance since combining actionable big data with proven biopsychosocial model we will be able to address the physical, psychological and social drivers impacting member health and satisfaction.

Supervision:Assoc Prof Madhu Chetty (Principal), Prof Britt Klein (Associate), Dr Cameron Foale (Associate)

Download scholarship application form (docx, 242kb)