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Professor Timothy Gabbett

Professor, Exercise and Sport Science

Exercise & Sport Science


Exercise & Sport Science


Mt Helen Campus, Online

A 90 minute soccer match induces eccentric hamstring muscles fatigue

Factors Influencing Creatine Kinase Response in Youth National Team Soccer Players

Influence of Workload and Recovery on Injuries in Elite Male Volleyball Players

Match High-Speed Running Distances Are Often Suppressed After Return From Hamstring Strain Injury in Professional Footballers

Match-Play Running Demands and Technical Performance Among Elite Gaelic Footballers: Does Divisional Status Count?

Investigation in to the Positional Running Demands of Elite Gaelic Football Players: How Competition Data Can Inform Training Practice

Relationships among playerload, high-intensity intermittent running ability, and injury risk in professional rugby league players

The training-performance puzzle: How can the past inform future training directions?

Training load and recovery during a pre-olympic season in professional rhythmic gymnasts

Training load, recovery and injuries in elite rhythmic gymnasts during main competitive periods: A case study

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Yes, rolling averages are a good way to assess training load for injury prevention. Is there a better way? Probably, but we have not seen the evidence

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Statistical modelling for recurrent events: an application to sports injuries

Background Injuries are often recurrent, with subsequent injuries influenced by previous...

Identifying risk factors for contact injury in professional rugby league players - Application of a frailty model for recurrent injury

Objectives: Well-developed physical qualities may protect against contact injuries. However, the...

Relationship between running loads and soft-tissue injury in elite team sport athletes

Influence of environmental and ground conditions on injury risk in rugby league

While the theoretical basis for a relationship between ground and environmental conditions and...