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Dr. Sue Brown

Director, International Sport Management

Exercise & Sport Science



Mt Helen Campus, Online

Women's sport leadership styles as the result of interaction between feminine and masculine approaches

There is a growing body of research focusing on women in the business sector using a...

Engaging community sport and recreation organisations in population health interventions: factors affecting the formation, implementation, and institutionalisation of partnerships efforts

Sustaining health promotion programs within sport and recreation organisations

Early stages of leadership development for women in sport

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Understanding the ways women lead in Australian sport

  • Conference Proceedings

A critical evaluation of methods used to evaluate a large scale health promotion program in the sport and recreation sector

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VicHealth sport and active recreation schemes evaluation project. Phase 1 evaluation report no.30 volume two: Participation in community sport and active recreation scheme

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Effectively engaging women in sport and women in sports leadership

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Delivery of sport education in regional Australia

  • Conference Proceedings

Evaluation of the health through sport and active recreation program: Phase 1 report

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Women in sport management and leadership roles: Can women's sport grants make a difference?

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Sports role models and their impact on participation in physical activity

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