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Dr Kerrie Shandley

Centre Research Fellow





Mt Helen Campus, Online

Brief Report: Pregnancy, Birth and Infant Feeding Practices: A Survey-Based Investigation into Risk Factors for Autism Spectrum Disorder

A succession of interconnected environmental factors is believed to contribute substantially to...

Meta-Analysis Reveals Gait Anomalies in Autism

Gait abnormalities are frequently reported in autism. The empirical literature, however, is...

Challenging child behaviours positively predict symptoms of posttraumatic stress disorder in parents of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder and Rare Diseases

Background: This study investigated the validity of conceptualising elevated stress in parents of...

Preferences for Online Mental Health Services Among Australian and Indian Samples: A Cross-Cultural Comparison

Online mental health services provide a point-of-access to mental healthcare that may otherwise...

The intergenerational transmission of problem gambling: The mediating role of offspring gambling expectancies and motives

Introduction The risk for developing a gambling problem is greater among offspring who have a...

The intergenerational transmission of at-risk/problem gambling: The moderating role of parenting practices

Background and Objectives: Although parenting practices are articulated as underlying mechanisms...

An Update on Gender Differences in the Characteristics Associated with Problem Gambling: a Systematic Review

Purpose of Review: Identifying and understanding gender differences associated with the...

The intergenerational transmission of problem gambling: The mediating role of parental psychopathology

The present study investigated the intergenerational transmission of problem gambling and the...

Are Urinary Porphyrins a Valid Diagnostic Biomarker of Autism Spectrum Disorder?

A fundamental challenge to the timely diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is the reliance...

Genetic variation associated with hypersensitivity to mercury

Objectives: Very little is known about mechanisms of idiosyncratic sensitivity to the damaging...

The first two years of Anxiety Online: an international e-mental health service for the anxiety disorders

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Ancestry of pink disease (infantile acrodynia) identified as a risk factor for autism spectrum disorders

Pink disease (infantile acrodynia) was especially prevalent in the first half of the 20th...

Autism spectrum disorders

[No abstract available]

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Training Postgraduate Psychology Students to Deliver Psychological Services Online

Information and communication technologies are increasingly being used to remotely deliver...

An evaluation of 'Reach Out Central': an online gaming program for supporting the mental health of young people

The objective of this study was to conduct an evaluation of Reach Out Central (ROC), an online...

A therapist-assisted cognitive behavior therapy internet intervention for posttraumatic stress disorder: Pre-, post- and 3-month follow-up results from an open trial

This study was an open trial evaluation of a 10-week therapist-assisted cognitive behavior...

Content and functionality of alcohol and other drug websites: Results of an online survey

Background: There is a growing trend for individuals to seek health information from online...

Mercury in vaccines from the australian childhood immunization program schedule

Despite the removal of the mercury (Hg)-based preservative thimerosal from vaccines listed on the...

Reconceptualizing Autism: Moving Beyond the Behavioral to Address Cause, Cure and Prevention

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Training Clinicians online to be e-therapists: the 'Anxiety Online' model

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A Therapist-Assisted Internet-Based CBT Intervention for Posttraumatic Stress Disorder: Preliminary Results

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Internet-Based Treatment for Panic Disorder: Does Frequency of Therapist Contact Make a Difference?

Internet-based interventions with therapist support have proven effective for treating a range of...

A controlled trial of internet-based cognitive-behavioural therapy for panic disorder with face-to-face support from a general practitioner or email support from a psychologist

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A Pilot trial of Panic Online as a self-guided treatment for panic disorder

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The players' perspective of Reach Out Central: A therapeutic interactive online game

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Therapist-Assisted, Internet-Based Treatment for Panic Disorder: Can General Practitioners Achieve Comparable Patient Outcomes to Psychologists?

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