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Ms. Jane Boag

Lecturer, Nursing

Nursing - Leadership



Mt Helen Campus, Online

Australian and New Zealand Living Guideline cholesterol-lowering therapy for people with chronic kidney disease (CARI Guidelines): Reducing the evidence-practice gap

Patient and Partner Perspectives of Pregnancy-Related Counseling and Information Needs in Women With Kidney Disease: An Australian National Survey

Recommendations for the prevention of deaths among nursing home residents with unexplained absences

Objectives: Unexplained absences (UAs) contribute to the mortality and morbidity rates in the...

Simulation-based training for increasing health service board members' effectiveness: Protocol for a cluster-randomised controlled trial

Introduction Research indicates that health service boards can influence quality of care....

'To die, to sleep'- assisted dying legislation in Victoria: A case study

Background: Assisted dying remains an emotive topic globally with a number of countries...

Nonstandard advance health care directives in emergency departments: Ethical and legal dilemma or reality: A narrative review

People have tattooed themselves for thousands of years, and it remains popular with various...