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Professor Georgina Willetts

Professor, Nursing and Practice Development





Gippsland Campus, Online

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Professor Georgina Willetts is an innovative healthcare leader, currently acting as the Head of Discipline (Nursing) in the Institute of Health and Wellbeing. She was the inaugural Head of Discipline Nursing at Swinburne University leading the design and implementation of the Nursing Program at Swinburne University

Professor Willetts has more than 40 years nursing and experience in leading nursing and midwifery reform within healthcare. Georgina’s focus is on building person centered cultures and strength’s-based curricula in healthcare. Her leadership in education development, design and evaluation has resulted in a strong national and international reputation.

She is a Fellow of the Australian College of Nursing (ACN) and a Fellow of the Institute of Managers and Leaders and Chartered Managers and is currently a Director on the Board of the Australian College of Nursing.

Her research interests include translational research healthcare education, leadership and workforce, Practice Development and professional identity in practice.

A multi-layered approach to developing academic written communication skills for nursing students

Exploring adaptations to the clinical reasoning cycle for forensic mental health nursing: A qualitative enquiry

Nursing educators’ professional identity: Challenges and consequences when adopting the flipped approach

Students coping with change in higher education: An overview

Enhancing Cultural Capabilities Amongst Health Professions Students: A Pilot Study of Interprofessional Tag Team Simulation

Exploration of the utility of the Nursing Process and the Clinical Reasoning Cycle as a framework for forensic mental health nurses: A qualitative study

Implementation of a Registered Undergraduate Student of Nursing (RUSON) program: The nurses’ perspective

Using the Nominal Group Technique to determine a nursing framework for a forensic mental health service: A discussion paper

Nursing degree students’ clinical placement experiences in Australia: A survey design

Aim: This study aimed to evaluate Australian nursing students’ views of placements at seven...

Pain assessment of the adult sedated and ventilated patients in the intensive care setting: A scoping review

Undergraduate nursing students’ experience of mental health simulation post-clinical placement: A Qualitative study

Undergraduate nursing students’ resilience, challenges, and supports during corona virus pandemic

Anxiety, flipped approach and self-efficacy: Exploring nursing student outcomes

Background: Self-efficacy is crucial for student success. Studies have demonstrated a positive...

Constructing nurses' professional identity through group performance

Measuring the quality of nursing clinical placements and the development of the Placement Evaluation Tool (PET) in a mixed methods co-design project

Background: The quality of nursing clinical placements has been found to vary. Placement...

The Nominal Group Technique: Generating Consensus in Nursing Research

The purpose of this article is to describe the Nominal Group Technique and its application as a...

Undergraduate student nurses’ experience of mental health simulation pre-clinical placement: A pre/post-test survey

Evaluation of an interprofessional tag team simulation based on an aboriginal case scenario

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How graduate nurses adapt to individual ward culture: A grounded theory study

Professional Silos or Professional Integration? Exploring the role of the basic science disciplines in healthcare professionals’ professional identities

A Systematic Method for Facilitating Curriculum Renewal and Transformation: Two case studies

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Nurses' perceptions of working with families in the paediatric intensive care unit

The dynamic role of the graduate nurse in aged care: An Australian experience of delivering an aged care graduate nurse program

In 2012 an innovative graduate nurse program was implemented within the Australian aged care...

Achieving person-centredness with older people in residential aged care

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Development of self-efficacy of newly graduated registered nurses in an aged care program

Aim: To evaluate an aged care program in developing self-efficacy of newly graduated registered...

Family experience and PICU death: A meta-synthesis

Parents' experiences of healthcare provider actions when their child dies: An integrative review of the literature

Partnership for educating new graduates working in aged care

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Partnership for educating new graduates working in aged care

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Constructing nurses' professional identity through social identity theory

More than just a scratch–the painful truth about adult and adolescent venepuncture

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First in aged care education: uni and industry collaborate.

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