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Mrs. Libby Miller

Research Fellow, Collaborative Evaluation & Research Centre

Collaboration Evaluation and Research Centre (CERC)



Churchill Campus, Online

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Field of Research

  • Nursing not elsewhere classified

Patient and family members' experiences with language and environment when receiving bad news: A qualitative exploratory study

Simplifying Qualitative Case Study Research Methodology: A Step-By-Step Guide Using a Palliative Care Example

The Effects of the Ward Environment and Language in Palliative Care: A Qualitative Exploratory Study of Victorian Nurses’ Perspectives

The experiences of health professionals, patients, and families with truth disclosure when breaking bad news in palliative care: A qualitative meta-synthesis

The Physical Hospital Environment and Its Effects on Palliative Patients and Their Families: A Qualitative Meta-Synthesis

Aim: To review the latest qualitative literature on how the physical hospital environment...

Palliative and End-of-Life Care in the Home in Regional/Rural Victoria, Australia: The Role and Lived Experience of Primary Carers

Introduction: Palliative support services (generalist or specialist) can provide much-needed...

Understanding the Needs of Australian Carers of Adults Receiving Palliative Care in the Home: A Systematic Review of the Literature

Introduction: Caring for someone at home requiring palliative care is an ominous task. Unless the...

A registered nurse in 20 Weeks?

This paper raises concerns and issues related to the adequacy of nursing students' clinical...

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