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Dr. Belinda Morrissey

Lecturer, Literature

Pathways, Humanities and Social Sciences



Churchill Campus, Online

Sad, bad or mad: The denial of agency to women who kill

Dead Ends: The Vanishing of Marilyn Wallman

Performative trolling: Szubanski, Gillard, Dawson and the nature of the utterance

In 2012 the Australian public witnessed three important examples of trolling play out in the...

A domestic geography of everyday terror: Remembering and forgetting the house I grew up in

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A palimpsest of abjection: Brendan Sokaluk and the burning of Churchill

  • Journals

Impossible memory:traumatic narratives in Memento and Mullholland Drive

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Fear and horror in a small town:the legacy of the disappearance of Marilyn Wallman

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Monstrous semantics: the case of the criminal diaries