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Teaching staff - time to think about new scanned copies of readings

Posted: Sunday 12 January 2020

Now is the time to start requesting any new scanned copies of book chapters or journal articles to be made available on Moodle through the Library's Course Readings service. 

Scans of copyright material available to students on Moodle must go via this central system to ensure they comply with the terms of a Statutory Licence granting the University permission to make copies available for educational and other purposes.  Copyright limits apply. 

We can make digitisations available via Course Readings in Moodle: 

  • of book pages or journal articles that the Library owns in hard copy, OR
  • after sourcing items where FedUni does not have holdings

New scan requests

To request new scans email us now.

Previously scanned readings

You can rollover previously scanned readings without re-requesting once your Moodle course is created, or in advance contact

Adding other reading types to Course Readings

The Library’s Course Readings service now also provides centralised management for links to the Library’s electronic database content to ensure durability of access, simply add these requests along with your requests for scans via email.  To ensure durable links for your students it is preferred best practice for you to use the Library’s Course Readings service for creation of your links, however you can still add your own links to full-text items from the Library by using the library link builder.  See the guide below for more details.

Email:  Telephone: 03 5327 9460  Info: Web or Online Guide

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