Help with referencing

FedCite referencing tool

FedCite has examples and useful tips for creating in-text citations, footnotes and full references in APA, Australian Harvard, Chicago, MLA and IEEE. Use FedCite to help create references for your assignments.

Choose your referencing style

If your unit uses the Australian Guide to Legal Citation (Footnotes AGLC), you can download a copy of the AGLC guide from Melbourne Law School.

Manage your references with EndNote

EndNote is a reference management system that helps you:

  • grab references from Library QuickSearch, journal databases, library catalogues, and other sources
  • insert a formatted reference list into your own documents
  • organise and manage your references
  • share your research.

Get help

Contact us if you need help with your referencing or finding study materials.

You can also contact the Academic Skills and Knowledge (ASK) service or speak with your lecturer or tutor.