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Course Coordinators - Copyright review of teaching content and advice 

Posted: Monday 1 June 2020

Now is the time to review your semester two Moodle course to ensure copyright compliance and check links in preparation for teaching. 

It is the responsibility of Course Coordinators and teaching staff to ensure Copyright compliance on Moodle courses, including when the course has been ‘inherited’. Infringing copyright or commercial database licences risks exposing the University to litigation and leaving teaching staff open to academic misconduct or disciplinary action.  

How to review a course?

  1. Collate a reading list of learning resources (e.g. chapters, journal articles, database and weblinks and any other resources) you wish to use 
  2. Email the Library Course Readings (CR) staff who will check for compliance and add to Course Readings for you. Include links to Library content (databases and eBooks) on your list, and all other web links, to ensure ongoing link management and repair; OR 
  3. Review your own course using guidance:

Items to note: 

What material can you upload to Moodle?
Only content you or Federation University authored can be uploaded to Moodle unless specific conditions or licences exist. 
Any item you or Federation University did not author must go through Course Readings to ensure compliance. 

  • *Ensure PDF’s of journal articles or book chapters go only through Course Readings. They must not be uploaded directly to Moodle (this is to comply with our s.113P Education Licence to use copyright materials for teaching, or other licences)
  • *Ensure the copyright notice you are using alongside images in PPTs is the s.113P notice, which replaced the obsolete Part VA and VB notice. A notice is required for all images (either showing before or at same time), unless relying on an open licence (ie Creative Commons) or a copyright exception
  • *Moral rights requires correct attribution of all sources, no matter which licence is relied on or the amount of content used, putting all your educational resources through Course Readings ensures correct attribution. 

For assistance or advice about Course Readings - Library Course Readings staff 

For assistance or advice about Copyright - Copyright Office

Contact Helen Heawood
University Copyright Coordinator / Academic Integrity Officer
03 53279625