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Moving to online-only content- Library and copyright options

Posted: Wednesday 25 March 2020

Moving to online course and teaching delivery may require some lateral thinking with your Library content, especially if you have relied on hard copy content previously.  

Questions might include: 

a.) How do I source an eBook for institutional use?

b.) Can I add content straight from the web?

c.) What are Open Educational Resources (OERs), and are they useful to me? 

d.) Can I print and post content to students who have poor internet access. 

Find out about the options and advice here:  or contact Federation Library or the Copyright Office for further assistance. 

Answers: a.) Contact the Library and they will check for you b.) Yes if you link to the content and it is not infringing c.) Resources openly shared by a creator, for other educational institutions to use. Possibly - especially for some segments of teaching. d.) In some circumstances, and relying on our existing educational licences, yes. Ask us. 

Contact Helen Heawood
University Copyright Coordinator / Academic Integrity Officer
03 53279625