Copyright for online teaching

Moving to online course and teaching delivery may require electronic formats of material you previously have used in print. Content may be already available digitally, we may be able to digitise a portion for you, or you may need to choose alternative titles.

To find suitable online content follow these steps:

Resource Steps to take
Is there a Library online resource available?  Search for eBooks, journals, and articles for students to use remotely: QuickSearch and A-Z Database List
Is it possible for the Library to purchase an electronic version? Contact to ask if an institutional licence for an eBook is available.
Can we digitise an amount and make available to students under existing educational licences? Request through Course Readings. Copyright limits apply - 1 chapter or 10%.
Are there Open Educational Resources or Creative Commons material? The Library OER guide has suggestions of where to search for academic OER resources.
Use freely available web-based or YouTube type content. Linking or embedding web-based or YouTube type content is not considered copying - and is not a copyright activity. Ensure the content you are linking to is not itself infringing - ie it is a reputable source. You can embed YouTube code, and  add website URLs through Course Readings.

Ask the Library or the Copyright Office

In some circumstances we can digitise more content:

Under 200AB of the Copyright Act (Cth)  there is a provision to digitise more content on a case by case scenario in special circumstances. There are a number of checks to clear before we can digitise, which include:

  • the use will not prejudice the copyright holder
  • the use will not conflict with normal exploitation of the work
  • the use is a special case

Note that this provision cannot be used when there is availability of an item for commercial purchase (either e or print).

Copying for students with a disability

The University routinely undertakes digitising and format transfer for students with a disability. Contact the Disability support office

Extra publisher content available for the COVID-19 period

Some publishers are temporarily opening access to some of their material during the crisis. Most of this material is COVID related, but some publishers are releasing other material for use. Some of the offers can be found here .

Please contact your liaison librarian or make a booking if you need any further help