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Making course readings available in Moodle for Semester 2

Posted: Thursday 7 June 2018

To make readings available for your Semester 2 course you need to act now. For previously available readings you will need to request their re-activation. If your Moodle shell has been duplicated from a previous semester, you must resubmit your request for the material to be made available. 

* We can make digitisations available via Moodle: 

  • of book pages or journal articles that the Library has in hard copy, OR
  • after sourcing items where FedUni does not have holdings

* You can build links to material available in full content through University databases and catalogues yourself via our Link Builder.

Don’t break the (copyright) law

Academic and teaching staff are not permitted to scan book chapters or journal articles and upload them to Moodle, as this may breach Copyright law. We can assist to make your course copyright-compliant in respect to the University's s.113 statutory licence.  

Our staff will source, supply, and digitise readings for you (copyright compliant) and place the link straight into your Moodle course (top centre pane, hidden, topic 0) to the digitised content. Please feel free to move this link to your preferred place in your Moodle course.  

eReadings queries can be directed to and more information is available from the attached file and web page .

Contact Helen Heawood
Document Services Librarian 
03 5327 9625
Contact Helen Heawood
Document Services Librarian
03 53279625