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2020 Partner Forum

Connectedness + Engagement = Retention

The program explored the challenges of engaging and connecting to students to ensure that we retain students in their study programs. The conference also gave opportunities to network between partner and Federation University staff.

Monday, 10 and Tuesday, 11 February, 2020

Federation University, Mt Helen Campus, Ballarat

Please note: Presentations are only available to Federation staff and those who have associate access.

Keynote speakers

Professor Helen Bartlett

Vice-Chancellor and President, Federation University Australia

Professor Helen Bartlett became Vice-Chancellor and President of Federation University Australia on 1 May, 2017.

Prior to joining Federation University, Professor Bartlett was Pro Vice-Chancellor and Chief Executive of Monash University Malaysia from 2013 to 2017, and Pro Vice-Chancellor and President of Monash University’s Gippsland Campus from 2008 to 2012.

She brings to the University extensive academic experience, having held various leadership roles in universities across Australia, the United Kingdom, Hong Kong and Malaysia.

Professor Bartlett attained a Bachelor of Arts at Northumbria University, a Masters of Science (Public Policy) and a PhD from the University of Bath.

A research specialist in health and aged care, Professor Bartlett’s career includes Directorships at the Australasian Centre on Ageing at the University of Queensland, the Oxford Centre for Health Care Research and Development and the Oxford Dementia Centre at Oxford Brookes University.

Professor Bartlett was conferred as an Emeritus Professor at Monash University in 2017. She is the current Chair of the Regional Universities Network and is on the Board of Directors for education and research technology company, VERNet.

As Vice-Chancellor and President, Professor Bartlett is leading the transformation of Federation University into an institution that is recognised around the world for its innovative approach to regional higher education and vocational training that changes lives and enhances communities.

Associate Professor Nina Fotinatos

PVC (Teaching Quality and Innovation)

Keynote: Celebrating student diversity and pathways: Strategic and operational initiatives towards student engagement and success

Associate Professor Nina Fotinatos, Pro Vice-Chancellor (Teaching Quality and Innovation) is an experienced learning and teaching strategic leader and manager in areas of teaching quality, learning and teaching technology solutions, online learning and student engagement, retention and success. Nina has expertise in continuous teaching and course quality assurance processes, governance and exploring opportunities for innovation in areas of course design, transition, assessment, diversity, engagement and evaluation. Nina’s interactive presentation will focus on exemplary higher education sector frameworks and how they can be used to view educational programs through the perspective of students from a global context.

View presentation (pdf, 1.6mb)

Professor Sally Kift

Keynote: Connectedness + Engagement = Retention

Professor Sally Kift is a Principal Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (PFHEA), a Fellow of the Australian Academy of Law (FAAL), and President of the Australian Learning & Teaching Fellows (ALTF). She has held several university leadership positions, most recently Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic) at James Cook University. Sally is a national Teaching Award winner, a national Program Award winner and a national Senior Teaching Fellow on the First Year Experience. In 2010, she was appointed an Australian Discipline Scholar in Law. In 2017, Sally received an Australian University Career Achievement Award for her contribution to Australian higher education.

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Monday 10 February

Program detailsPresenters
Welcome: Introduction to Federation University Australia Professor Helen Bartlett
Vice-Chancellor and President - Federation University
Keynote presentation: Celebrating student diversity and pathways: Strategic and operational initiatives towards student engagement and success Associate Professor Nina Fotinatos, Pro Vice-Chancellor (Teaching Quality and Innovation)

View presentation (pdf, 1.6mb)

Session A: APA 7th, FedCite and a case study on modelling referencing to students. Clare Duffy and Talia Barrett (CLIPP and Federation Library)

View presentation (pdf, 833kb)

Session B: Enabling students for a successful start to university Michelle Briede (School of Education)

View presentation (pdf, 735kb)

Session C: Tell us what you really think: Using Library client feedback to monitor quality and improve service delivery Marion Slawson (Federation Library)

View presentation (pdf, 1.6mb)

Session D: Student engagement – what to do to make them engaged Professor Kishor Sharma (ATMC)

View presentation (pdf, 886kb)

Session E: Student Centred Learning - Spark Module: Student Progress and Retention Knowledge Training Amy Barnhouse (Federation Business School)

View presentation (pdf, 1.6mb)

Session F: Safer Campuses Drew Burns, Heather Marsh and Noni Clarkson

View presentation (pdf, 1.8mb)

Session G: Federation Advantage and Federation Awards Dr Jo van Son and Penny Corser-Hatten (Student Connect)

View presentation (pdf, 1.2mb)

Session H: Turnitin report – a help or a hindrance? Beverley Jones (MIT Sydney)

(View presentation (pdf, 1.5mb)

Session I: Academic Integrity Overview Von Button (CLIPP)

View presentation (pdf, 557kb)

Session J: An integrated approach to student engagement

Cinthia Joy Godly and Monica Jan (IIBIT)

View presentation (pdf, 956kb)

Keynote Presentation: QnA Panel: Engagement + Connectedness = Retention Facilitator: Guojun Lu

Panellists: Associate Professor Jason Giri, Associate Professor Nina Fotinatos, Dr Jo van Son

Tuesday 11 February

Program detailsPresenters
Keynote presentation: Connectedness + Engagement = Retention Professor Sally Kift - Principal Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (PFHEA), Fellow of the Australian Academy of Law (FAAL), and President of the Australian Learning & Teaching Fellows (ALTF).

View presentation (pdf, 6.8mb)

Session K: Helping students understand statistics Matthew MacCallum (MIT Sydney)

View presentation (pdf, 1.6mb)

Session L: Positive Peer Enhancement Kate Roberts (CLIPP)

View presentation (pdf, 970kb)

Session M: Turning HR theory into practice Russell Mason (TAFE Qld)

View presentation (pdf, 681kb)

Session N: Golden Key Kaitlin Taylor (Student Connect)

View presentation (pdf, 2.8mb)

Session O: Contract Cheating Panel Von Button (CLIPP), Elisa Zentveld (Academic Board), Leigh Vincent (ITS) and Adam Barbary (CLIPP)
Session P: Connected classrooms of the future Ashish Kakaan (ITS)

View presentation (pdf, 1mb)

Session Q: Outcomes of the intensive English program our automotive students from China participate in on arrival at Federation University Paula Allen, Mick Barrow (Federation TAFE)

View presentation (pdf, 1.9mb)

Session R: Teaching in China: Rewards and challenges Dr Grant Meredith and Dr Leigh Achterbosch (SSEIT)

View presentation (pdf, 2.8mb)

Session S: Student Attrition Data Grant Henderson (for the Planning, Analytics and Reporting Office)

View presentation (pdf, 802kb)

Session T: Alternative teaching and learning strategies in the classroom. Dr Helen Weadon (Federation Business School)

View presentation (pdf, 817kb)

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