Global Professional School

Education partnerships

Our global partnerships

Federation University has a long and proud history of transnational education partnerships. We’ve been providing future-focused, high-quality lifelong learning opportunities for students at our partners in Australia and overseas for over twenty years.

These partnerships support a range of valuable academic and research collaborations, student and staff mobility and delivery of our education programs worldwide.

Some of our strongest partnerships are with Chinese institutions, offering opportunities for articulation into masters and PhD courses, as well as collaborative research. Additionally, our unique partner delivery model in Australia has proven to be a long-lasting success. Our partners located in capital cities across New South Wales, South Australia and Victoria deliver a selection of our most popular degrees to a range of international and Australian students.

Global Professional Services – supporting education partnerships

The Global Professional Services team within the Global Professional School is responsible for the support of education partnerships where students are enrolled in Federation University courses external to our main campuses.

Other responsibilities include managing a range of services that focus on compliance, operational support for partners, liaison and reporting, such as ESOS, registration, PRISMS, credit, maintenance and monitoring of existing partner arrangements and initiating new partnerships in Australia and overseas.

Global Professional Services is responsible for:

  1. Administration management of students studying with partners;
  2. Leading the setting of annual strategic goals for partnerships;
  3. Measurement and reporting;
  4. Setting policy and procedure for delivery through partnerships;
  5. Monitoring the student support and facilities of partners; and,
  6. Governance of the partnerships through the Global Professional School and its sub-committees.