Global Professional School

Prospective partners

Partner-provider development and approval process

In order to ensure consistency and transparent processes, the development of new partner-provider or the renewal of existing partner-provider contracts is subject to a partner-provider approval process. The University has developed a holistic approach that encompasses the following stages:

Planning stage

Potential partner-provider identified: Individual Schools may identify a potential partner-provider, or indeed potential partner-providers may make initial contact with the University. In all cases, the following steps will be taken:

The Dean, Global Professional School or nominee will conduct an initial assessment to determine:

  • Strategic fit of proposed partner-provider including location and programs to be offered
  • Partner-provider country check,
  • Notification and assessment of suitability / viability, and
  • Memorandum of Understanding (if required by either proposed partner-provider or Federation University Australia).

Due diligence and business case stage

In order for an identified potential partner-provider to be considered, several notifications and approvals are required:

The Dean, Global Professional School or nominee will coordinate the following approval process:

  • Potential partner-provider requested to complete both the "Partner Provider Due Diligence Check List", and "Library Impact Statement",
  • Finance section to complete the Due Diligence Check from completed submission by potential partner-provider and provide a report to the Pro Vice-Chancellor (International and Partnerships)
  • The relevant School is to complete the "Proposed Partnership Business Case and Cost Matrix" and forward to the Dean, Global Professional School or nominee
  • The Dean, Global Professional School or nominee on receipt of both the completed Due Diligence Report and the Partner Provider Proposal - Business Case will have the item added to the next agenda of the International Education Committee.
  • The relevant Head of School will be invited to attend the International and Partnerships Committee and present their Partner Provider Proposal - Business Case, including any additional information that is considered relevant to the presentation.

Final approval process

Once a proposal has been approved by the Earned Income Committee, the PVC will, through the University legal department, raise a draft contract for consideration by the proposed partner-provider.

A site inspection will be conducted by either Global Professional Services or the VC.

At the completion of negotiations, the contract will be signed by both the VC and the partner-provider. The details of the partnership will be notified to all relevant parties and the details will be recorded on the University Records System.

Federation and partner-provider responsibilities

The Partner Provider Operational Manual has been developed to provide a statement of partner-provider responsibilities and University responsibilities under the contractual agreements. The information is designed to assist staff of both partner-provider and the University by providing a clarity or responsibilities.

The Partner Provider Operational Manual is available on request.