Women in Leadership

As a female leader, you need to navigate an environment that is often ambiguous and obscured by biases. Yet  whether you work in a start-up or a large organisation, being a good leader can make or break your team and,  subsequently, your business. This course is designed to make you a good leader. It will give you the best leadership techniques to tackle the challenges female leaders face. It will give you the knowledge and strategies  to identify and overcome biases and empower you to break barriers that could limit your growth and impact.

Location On-demand
Online learning

The course provides learners with practical techniques women can apply in their leadership roles such as  building team trust, presence and influence whilst addressing challenges unique to women in leadership roles.  Learners will explore leadership styles and explore best practices using relevant real-life examples. They will learn how to build teams and match employee goals to their roles to maintain motivation and improve  efficiency.  Learners will discover how biases and cognition can impact a leader’s perceived image and how to tackle these  biases whilst maintaining personal and professional integrity. Learners will have the opportunity to engage in  social learning that will allow them to share and discuss their understanding of topics and receive constructive  feedback.  Learning will be contextualised by the specific aspects and challenges those leaders may encounter in practice, including regional impact and specialisation.

Leadership skills can be leveraged in a range of positions such as

  • Management Consultant
  • Project Manager
  • Strategic Planner
  • Operations Manager
  • Marketing Managers

You will study this microcredential over five weeks covering the following topics:

Week 1

  • What is leadership and its importance
  • Leadership challenges for women
  • Dealing with perceptions
  • Overcoming biases and conquering personal beliefs

Week 2

  • Leadership styles
  • Transformational leadership
  • Identifying personal leadership style
  • Emotional intelligence

Week 3

  • Personal branding
  • Four self-awareness archetypes
  • Leadership goal setting
  • Establishing your resume and elevator pitch

Week 4

  • Leading teams
  • Building a high-performing team
  • Motivating employees
  • SMART team goals

Week 5

  • Building your leadership vision
  • How to communicate with impact
  • Developing influencing skills
  • Negotiation skills

Throughout the course, you will need to complete two assessments.

No formal qualifications are required to study this course. Learners of all levels are encouraged to apply.

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Fees are subject to change annually.

Learners who successfully complete this course may be eligible for recognition towards Federation's course or program. The eligibility will be issued at the discretion of each Institute.

When applicants' eligibility is assessed, the Institute may request proof of a formal qualification or other required documentation (e.g., relevant work experience) in line with the entry requirements relevant to the program or course the learning is being requested to be applied against.