Learning Through Play

In this course, you’ll learn about play – one of the fundamental children’s rights. You’ll learn about designing engaging play experiences, how it integrates with different environments, and what is the teacher’s role. You’ll also explore how play can positively impact children’s physical, social, emotional as well as cognitive development. With this course, you’ll be able to make your interactions with children a playful learning experience.

Location On-demand
Online learning

This course focuses on developing an understanding of play-based pedagogies and how play contributes to the development and learning of children from birth. It will explore a variety of environments and resources.

The learners will exercise their ability to plan inclusive play-based learning experiences and support children's transition to school. It will help them to develop the skills to communicate the value of play. The offer will emphasise Federation University’s regional expertise.

This course is suitable for any person who may be working in an environment where they need to interact with young children. This may be

  • Teachers
  • Teacher leaders
  • School administrators
  • Museum educators
  • Educators and facilitators working in informal learning environments
  • Parents or childcare workers wanting to expand their skills.

You will study this microcredential over 11 weeks covering the following topics:

Week 1: Play is the way

  • Memories of play
  • The importance of play
  • Why do children need to play?

Week 2: What is play?

  • Characteristics of play

Week 3: Learning to play

  • Permission to play
  • Preparing to play

Week 4: Why play?

  • Right to play
  • Play is more than fun
  • The importance of play

Week 5: Play environments

  • The indoor environment
  • The outdoor environment

Week 6: Curriculum in play

  • It’s not just play
  • STEM in play
  • Introduction language and literacy through play

Week 7: Learning to play: Role play

  • What is role play?
  • Animal play

Week 8: Diversity in play

  • Everyone can play
  • Gender in play
  • Cultural competency
  • International perspectives

Week 9: The role of the teacher

  • Intentional teaching
  • Creating play spaces
  • Balancing power

Week 10: Play presentation

  • The advocate
  • Presenting benefits of play in early childhood education

Week 11: Bringing it all together

  • In review

Throughout the course, you will need to complete two assessments.

No formal qualifications are required to study this course. Learners of all levels are encouraged to apply.

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Fees are subject to change annually.

Learners who successfully complete this course may be eligible for recognition towards Federation's course or program. The eligibility will be issued at the discretion of each Institute.

When applicants' eligibility is assessed, the Institute may request proof of a formal qualification or other required documentation (e.g., relevant work experience) in line with the entry requirements relevant to the program or course the learning is being requested to be applied against.