Leadership for Non-leaders

Leaders inspire, leaders influence, leaders transform. But leaders are made, not born. You don’t need to be a CEO, or general manager to be a great leader. In this course, you’ll explore leadership theories and how to differentiate leadership from management. You’ll also investigate what leadership challenges can organisations face. Finally, you’ll develop an individual plan for leadership development on the background of contemporary leadership approaches.

On top of that, you’ll get to hear from several emerging leaders about their experiences with leadership and how to become and be a good leader. You can learn from

  • Pauline Fetaui - the founder of CheeHoo and Seven Sisters Foundation
  • Scott Millar - the CEO and founder of BOP Industries
  • Gemma Manning – the founder and Group CEO of Manning & Co, and the founder of Gemstar
  • Stewart Wheeler – an experienced leader of all things hospitality
Location On-demand
Online learning

This course focuses on developing learners’ understanding of leadership and provides techniques and suggested practices for building and improving their personal leadership skills. This course is designed for professionals in non-leadership positions to:

  • develop an understanding of leading in organisations,
  • develop a self-awareness of leadership styles and processes and
  • recognise what is required to step up into leadership roles and responsibilities.

Leadership skills can be leveraged in a range of positions such as

  • Management Consultant
  • Project Manager
  • Strategic Planner
  • Operations Manager
  • Marketing Managers

You will study this microcredential over seven weeks covering the following topics:

Week 1: What is leadership?

  • Why is leadership important?
  • Great leaders
  • Limitations in leadership
  • Your leadership style

Week 2: Leadership evolution

  • What is management?
  • Leadership or management?
  • Changes over time
  • Leadership without management
  • Opportunities to lead

Week 3: Types of leadership

  • Leadership traits
  • Styles of leadership
  • Leader behaviour
  • Power-influence

Week 4: Challenges in organisations

  • Flexible workplaces
  • Leadership solutions
  • Diversity in organisations

Week 5: Contemporary theories and approaches to leadership

  • Evolving theories of leadership
  • New ways of leading
  • Transformational leadership
  • Building teams

Week 6: Exploring who you are as a leader

  • Values and ethics
  • Understanding your default leadership style

Week 7: Bringing it all together

  • Locating your role model
  • Mapping your plan for leadership development

Throughout the course, you will need to complete two assessments.

No formal qualifications are required to study this course. Learners of all levels are encouraged to apply.

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Learners who successfully complete this course may be eligible for recognition towards Federation's course or program. The eligibility will be issued at the discretion of each Institute.

When applicants' eligibility is assessed, the Institute may request proof of a formal qualification or other required documentation (e.g., relevant work experience) in line with the entry requirements relevant to the program or course the learning is being requested to be applied against.