Reading history

The Federation University Library is pleased to provide a requested feature, the Reading History.

Staff and students are able to opt in to using the Reading History, which keeps a record of every item borrowed from the Federation University Library, from the time you turn on the Reading History.

Activate your Reading History

  1. Click myLibrary@FedUni.
  2. Enter your Federation username and password. Before it can be activated, you must read and agree to the legal terms and conditions.
  3. Click on the  'Reading History' button on the right hand side.
  4. Start borrowing to establish your Reading History.

Reading History - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

I have just turned on my Reading History, so why isn't it showing anything I have borrowed?

The Reading History will start displaying borrowed items after you have opted in. The items you borrow after opting in will then be recorded. It will not display items you have borrowed before opting in.

I have just opted into my Reading History, but I can't see any of the items I borrowed last year.

The Reading History will only display items from the time you activate the feature, so anything that you have borrowed in the past will not be displayed.

Will the Reading History record everything I borrow?

The Reading History will record items borrowed from the Federation University campus libraries. However, it will not record electronic books you borrow through the catalogue.

If I want to stop using the Reading History, how do I do that, and what will happen to my history?

To deactivate your Reading History, click on the button marked 'Opt Out'. You will need to delete your Reading History completely before it is deactivated.

I accidentally clicked on the 'Opt Out' button. Will my Reading History be deleted now?

Before you can deactivate your Reading History, you must first delete every item in your Reading History. So unless you deleted your Reading History, it will be safe.

Can you tell me what the green book I borrowed late last year was? I really need it.

The Library doesn't keep prior borrowing information. Library staff can help you try and find the book, but we really need a lot more information.