Linking to full text journal articles

Using a DOI

  1. Locate and copy the DOI for the article.
    Use the numbers onward (10.1016/j.applanim2015.02.012 in the example below) or the full DOI URL )
  2. Paste the DOI or the full DOI URL into the Link Builder below.

Using a URL

  1. Locate and copy the stable URL (often called a Permalink, Stable URL, Bookmark. Don't use the session URL in your browser address bar).
  2. Paste the URL into the Link Builder below to create a stable link.

Link Builder : Create stable link

This adds the FedUni login (i.e. https://ezproxy.federation/login?url=) to ensure students off campus can access the item.

Exception: Wolters Kluwer

Do you need help linking?

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