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FedUni libraries are located at the Berwick, Brisbane, Gippsland, Mt Helen, SMB,  and Wimmera campuses.

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What is the reasoning behind the Library's opening hours?

"Federation University Library opening hours are regularly the subject of student feedback through client feedback and surveys. While the library endeavours to maintain hours that meet the needs of the majority of users, we do acknowledge that for some, opening hours will not be sufficient".

"Opening hours across all campus libraries are reviewed on an annual basis and in some instances may be reviewed in response to changes in the university's operating environment including changes to delivery of campus programs and funding. The two major campus libraries (Mt Helen and Gippsland) have the broadest range of hours and these support the highest numbers of library users. SMB and Horsham Campus library opening hours have been impacted as a result of both declining funds to support extended opening hours and changes to the learning and teaching focus of those campuses. In response to this, FedUni Library is actively responding to feedback and has worked with the Student Senate to trial additional hours at the SMB Campus".

"In an effort to provide access to library resources without the need for students to access them via a physical campus, FedUni Library has been building online collections for several years. Use of these collections is extensive and for many students the 'virtual' library has replaced regular on campus visits. Nevertheless our physical spaces are heavily used and we are conscious of ensuring continued and where possible, increased access for students and others to these".

"We continue to welcome feedback on current and potential opening hours". Leeanne Pitman, Director, Library Services

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