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Academic Integrity Community of Practice - Invitation

Posted: Monday 25 July 2022

You are warmly invited to join the Community of Practice focusing on Academic Integrity process and practice at Federation. 

We are creating a forum bringing together diverse staff involved in various aspects of practice and process of Academic Integrity to strive for a unified and best practice across the University.  Share questions, solutions, or discussions with your colleagues and interested students during a once monthly structured meeting, or anytime via the Teams site.    

How can I be involved? 

Join the Academic Integrity Community of Practice structured meeting (links to RSVP) – First Friday of every Month at 2pm.  The first topic for Aug 5th is Academic Integrity Modules for students – bring your questions or comments or email them earlier to and we can include on the agenda. 


Join the Teams site to leave a chat question, or see what others have asked or join a discussion.

What is the purpose of the CoP?

The goals of this community of practice group are:

  1. To reflect on current University Academic Integrity practice and processes with the aim of developing a unified approach, and to potentially develop recommendations for discussion at institute managerial level;
  2. To provide an informal point of contact for academic integrity practice and processes discussion of issues and suggestions;  and
  3. Provide a forum for cooperation of activities to add value, identify linkages with education and practice.

What are the benefits to University?

Improving practice, problem solving, conversation towards consistency of approach

Provides an informal point of contact for the organization, forum for cooperation

Promote culture of academic integrity at Federation University and improve and unify practice

Raising issues to institute level if required

Collaborate and share information and strategies for promotion and maintaining academic integrity, and preventing academic dishonesty or misconduct

Create new tools or resources, spark ideas of collaboration

Who can join?

Any staff or interested students. The format is all inclusive -  teaching and learning staff, AIOs, support officers, CAD and Library staff, LASS/SEAS LSAs, student advocacy. 

More information?

Contact: Helen Heawood Copyright Coordinator and Academic Integrity Officer


Talia  Senior Learning Skills Adviser

Michael Head of Centre, Learning Excellence, Federation TAFE

Bronwyn Senior Learning Skills Adviser

Contact Helen Heawood
University Copyright Coordinator / Academic Integrity Officer
03 53279625