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Posted: Friday 7 June 2019

The FedUni Library is pleased to offer a two week series of short webinars for Researchers.

Monday 17 June

11 am Impact Tracker – Keep track of the buzz generated by your research. Tweets, articles, presentations and more are proof of how the public, industry or government are engaging with your research. Using Impact Tracker will give you a head start before the next ARC EI report. (30 mins)

Tuesday 18 June

10 am Advanced Searching – Discover how proximity (adjacency) operators can improve your database searching, and how to mix controlled subject headings with free text searching. (30 mins)

2 pm Research Methodology– Don’t re-invent the wheel: plan your research, find guidelines for a range of qualitative and quantitative research methodologies, and choose which statistical test is appropriate for your data. (30 mins)

Wednesday 19 June

2pm ORCiD – Chances are, your name is not unique. Register with ORCiD to get a unique ID number to ensure you’re properly credited with your published research. Curious? Click here to see how many people in the US have your name (30 mins)

Thursday 20 June

10 am Research Data Management – Your research data is valuable, to the university and potentially other researchers. This session discusses policies, good practice and storage advice for your research data. (30 mins)

Friday 21 June

1pm FedUni.figshare – Make your research data findable, shareable and citeable with FedUni.figshare. An internationally used platform, which has the added benefit of being easy-to-use. (30 mins)

Monday 24 June

10 am Keeping Current  – If you’re undertaking long term research, this session will outline different ways to get journal articles sent to you as they’re published. (30 mins)

Tuesday 25 June

10am EndNote: Intro – New to EndNote? Learn the basics of importing references from QuickSearch, Google Scholar and selected databases, and then insert them as citations into a Word doc. (45 min)

11 am Copyright for Researchers – advice from the University Copyright Coordinator. (30 mins)

Wednesday 26 June

11am Finding Theses – Explore various sources for completed PhD theses, as an extra set of research sources for your literature review. (30 mins)

2.30 pm Publishing – Find credible journals where you can submit your journal articles, by automatically keyword matching your article title and abstract. Follow a clear process to check whether a journal is valid or predatory. (30 mins)

Thursday 27 June

2 pm EndNote: Advanced– Questions, queries that aren’t being answered by the EndNote FAQs & Tips guide? Drop-in session for you to ask the nitty-gritty questions. No prizes awarded for stumping us though. (30 mins)

Friday 28 June

11.30am InCites – Benchmark your research outputs to see how you are tracking in your research field. (30 mins)

These webinars will be held in the Library’s ‘Virtual Classroom’ on Moodle.

Register at to reserve your place.

Contact Cheryl Claridge
Team Leader, Research, Learning & Liaison Services.
03 53279263