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On-campus study facilities for students

Posted: Wednesday 22 July 2020

On-campus learning spaces - with computers, wi-fi, quiet and comfort - continue to be available as we head into Semester 2.

The recent Transition to online study survey showed that not all students have sufficient technologies at home to readily access their online learning, and many are not aware that they have an on-campus option. Please let your new and returning students know about these spaces.

To ensure a study space is available, students are required to book a 'seat' using the online booking system linked from the Library website. Further information about the location, hours of operation and conditions of use is available on the booking pages.

Each learning space meets the COVID-19 social distancing and hygiene requirements of government. Access on campus is managed with the assistance of Security Officers and each workstation and every high touchpoint surface is refreshed through a two-hourly cleaning program. Students are encouraged to wash their hands thoroughly before and after using the space and not attend if at all unwell.

We welcome your feedback  and thank you for promoting the in-campus learning spaces to your students.

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Associate Librarian, Client Services
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