Study support

Find many study supports and resources to help you with your study and improve your academic skills.


FedReady is a free comprehensive course designed to help you develop the essential academic skills needed to succeed at university.

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ASK Service

Experienced Student Academic Leaders (SALs) can help answer any question you have - from using Moodle to referencing.

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Peer Mentors

Your Peer Mentor will help you transition into university studies smoothly and successfully during your first five weeks of study.

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Learning Skills Advisors (LSAs)

LSAs are experts who can guide you through your assignments and improve your academic writing and skills.

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PASS Program

Weekly Peer-Assisted Study Sessions are offered for a number of units to help you learn the unit content and study skills.

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Study Skills for Success

Study Skills for Success is a collection of online resources helping you with academic skills like referencing, writing, managing your time & more

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Uni Skills Workshops

Uni Skills is a series of academic skills workshops aiming to help you with your study skills and assignments during the semester.

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Writing Space

The Writing Space is a drop-in service run by LSAs to assist you with writing your assignments – no matter what stage you are at!

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Studiosity can provide you with valuable and constructive feedback on your writing and with live study support.

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Other supports and resources

Academic integrity

Understand Fed's fundamental values like maintaining academic integrity and potential outcomes for breaches or misconduct.

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Explore information about copyright and its application in teaching, research, publishing, being a student, and working at University.

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Help with referencing

Uncover the tools that can assist you with referencing, streamlining the process and maintaining consistency.

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IT support

IT support service is tailored for students to help with technical issues, software applications and account management.

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Library is your hub for knowledge. Dive into curated resources and cutting-edge support for your academic journey.

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Online study hub

Online study hub provides support for virtual learning, covering study space setup, peer interaction, and access to academic resources.

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After hours study spaces

Looking for spaces and computer labs for after-hours study? Don't worry, we've got you covered.

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