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2019 Foundation TAFE Scholarships

The Federation University Australia Foundation had pleasure in awarding 20 Foundation TAFE scholarships to the value of $1000 each.

The scholarships were presented on Monday 29 April and Thursday 16 May 2019 at Mt Helen, and on 31 May 2019 at Horsham, to the following students:

  • Michelle Armstrong
  • Courtney Batchelor
  • Jade Beckerton
  • Tessa Birtles
  • Sarah Cluning
  • Rachel Cochrane
  • Steven Cribbes
  • Darcie Cummins
  • Kaede Farnbach
  • Jessica Ferguson
  • Donna Gluyas
  • Nadia Greenwood
  • Angela Hendy
  • Annabelle Kors
  • Greg McMullen
  • Emily Mills
  • Kimberley Roll
  • Trixie Sampson
  • Jolanda Wybenga
  • Laura Young

From left: Nadia Greenwood; Steven Cribbes; Annabelle Kors; Kimberley Roll; Jessica Ferguson; Steve Davies, Acting Chancellor; Sarah Cluning; Laura Young; Greg McCullen; Michelle Armstrong; Rachel Cochrane; Jade Beckerton; Kaede Farnbach; Courtney Batchelor; and Tessa Birtles.

From left: Darcie Cummins; Angela Hendy; Terry Moran, Chancellor; and Jolanda Wybenga

From left: Emily Mills; Terry Moran, Chancellor; and Trixie Sampson