Dunkeld Refugee and Asylum Seeker

  • Category Foundation
  • Location Wimmera
  • Annual value $1,000
  • Open date 18/01/2021
  • Close date 26/02/2021
  • Study sector Higher education; TAFE
  • Study level Certificate; Diploma; FAST (pre-bachelor); Bachelor; Honours; Postgraduate
  • Student type International
  • Student status Continuing; New / commencing
  • Additional eligibility criteria
    • Karen refugee or refugee living within the Nhill district
  • Scholarships available 1

How to Apply

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Please read the Selection and Administration Guidelines

About the Dunkeld Refugee & Asylum Seeker Support Group

The Dunkeld Refugee and Asylum Seeker Support Group was established in 2015 after a call out was made for like-minded people to come together and form a group.

The group’s vision is ‘Opening Hearts and Doors to Refugees’.

Their mission is to use community initiatives to fundraise, educate and effect policy change to grow compassion for refugees.

Their values are kindness, inclusiveness, equality, acceptance, understanding and respect, and their core principles are non-party political, non-religious affiliation and upholding human rights.

Since inception the group has raised in excess of $6,000.

The Dunkeld Refugee & Asylum Seeker scholarship was first awarded in 2017.


2019 Dunkeld Refugee & Asylum Seeker Scholarship

2018 Dunkeld Refugee & Asylum Seeker Scholarship

2017 Dunkeld Refugee & Asylum Seeker Scholarship