Mt Helen room instructions

Getting around on campus

View Mt Helen Campus map (pdf, 3.1mb)

Room numbers for orientation sessions (and classes) can be a little long and confusing at first. You'll find you learn them quickly, but you can use the following rules to help you out:

  • Almost all rooms consist of a letter and three numbers. For example, F301.
  • The letter refers to the building. For example, F301 will be in 'Building F'.
  • The first number is the floor. In the example F301, the room will be on 'Floor 3'.
    • NOTE: Floors at Mt Helen do not always begin at 0 or 1. In some buildings, the ground floor will be 'Floor 2'. If you are uncertain what floor you are on, simply find the nearest room number, and check the first number to determine what floor you are currently on. Then simply head 'up' or 'down' from there.
  • The last two numbers refer to the room number directly. These can just be used to locate exactly which room you are looking for.