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Mt Helen Campus

BARS is focused on providing and supporting a more diverse residential experience at Federation University. From running large-scale events to trips to even study spaces and diversifying what is considered the residence culture. BARS is also an opportunity to provide local resident leadership selected by the students.

Christians @ Uni

Mt Helen Campus

Anyone is welcome at Christians @ Uni, whether you just have questions about the good news of Jesus, or you are a Christian wanting to live out and mature in your faith alongside your family in Christ. This is the place to explore life's meaning, and learn how the bible applies to your life at uni and beyond.

CU runs weekly events, including Tuesday evening bible talks, prayer meetings and bible studies. There are also plenty of fun social activities spread throughout the year, as well as several camps to cover focused bible topics in detail while hanging out together. Contact us to learn more or to join in.

Get in contact:

Federation University Nursing Society

Mt Helen and cross-campus

The Federation University Nursing society (FUNS) invites students studying nursing to join our like-minded community to interact, support and work together.
We provide peer support from fellow students, debriefs and plenty of social events to reward ourselves for all the hard work from the year that's been.
We celebrate with members, non-members, friends and fellow students.
We encourage all skill levels, from all year levels and all different abilities to join and become members. Our strong collaborative society is recognised for its social studies, team initiative and enjoyable events.

If you’re interested in joining our society please contact us:

General enquires and information at-
Events information please contact us via-
Facebook- FedUni Nursing Society


Mt Helen Campus

Federation University’s Outdoor Recreational Group 'FedOut' welcomes students, staff, and community members to join our team. We provide members with experiences in the outdoors, such as hiking, bike riding, rock climbing, surfing, and many more activities.

Establishing our club in late 2019, we are excited to build upon our community, creating a supportive environment open to people of all skill levels that are wanting to gain a greater outdoor experience.

Keep updated on what is in store for us by following us on Facebook at FedOut, or emailing us at

FedUni AFL Club

Mt Helen Campus

The Federation University Australian Rules Football Club invites students with a passion for sport, health and well-being to be a part of a community of like-minded students. We encourage all skill levels to join our very successful Men’s and Women’s teams and welcome non playing members to be a part of our strong social culture.

Our club has a strong reputation for delivering exciting events tailored to current students' wants and needs, which you can stay up to date with via our Facebook page below. Our reputation continues on the sporting field where we have claimed multiple Australian UniSport National Championship titles (formerly known as Uni Games) for both teams, including three straight years undefeated for our Men’s team.


FedUni E Games Club

Berwick Campus

At the FedUni E Games Club we are a group of casual gamers who organise social events (Gaming nights, networking events, etc). We aim to provide a collaborative environment and leverage club financial backing to acquire, deploy, and experiment with emerging and electronic entertainment in web, embedded, automation and gaming.

Club Email:
E Games Club Chat Room:

FedUni Games and Tech Society

Gippsland Campus

The FedUni Games and Tech Society (formally FedUni IT Society) is a club aimed at anyone interested in the wonderful world of information technology, be they students, staff, faculty or community members. We aim to help students develop professional skills, bridging the gap between a university education and real-world skills that employers expect.

Club activities:

  • Video game nights | weeks 3,5,7,9 and 11 | Thursdays from 4:30pm | Student Lounge

For more details please contact us at


FedUni Nursing Club

Berwick Campus

The FedUni Nursing Club (F.U.N.C.) aims to create a sense of community and belonging among students. The F.U.N.C objective is to provide a group that will support each other with both study sessions and host social events. We also try to keep each other informed and provide study tips and have a bit of fun on our Facebook page. The F.U.N.C is slowly growing and will be participating in fund-raising activities for charities and other events for the Uni and community.

Club Email:

Fed Uni Progressives

Fed Uni Progressives is a social group bringing together likeminded people who are passionate about LGBTQIA+ inclusivity, climate change, gender equality, workers’ rights, First Nations allyship, eliminating poverty, housing for all and beyond. We encourage respectful and robust discussions, support community actions, host social events and engage with local members of parliament, council and community organisations.

We acknowledge that this group will meet on the land of the Wadawurrung people of the Kulin Nation. We pay our respects to elders past, present and emerging. Always was, always will be - Aboriginal land

Email -
Facebook -

FedUni Tabletop Society

Gippsland Campus

The FedUni Tabletop Society plays games on top of a table:

  • Board games
  • Settlers of Catan
  • Chess
  • Role-playing games
  • Dungeons and  Dragons
  • Shadowrun
  • Monopoly, the Friendship Maker
  • Magic: The Gathering
  • Some more niche things

Regular board game nights - Every Tuesday from 4.30pm in the Student Lounge.

You might be thinking: "That sounds fun but I am plagued with self doubt and think I would be bad at games. I don't even know the rules!"

Good news! There is no requirement for anyone to be good at anything, ever!

Follow that facebook link or email for specifics, or come find us in the student lounge doing our thing. We'll be the ones playing games.


Green Room

Camp St Campus

Green Room is a performing arts society. They hold events to raise money for third year students showcase, where they are presented to agents and industry contacts.

Contact details

OT Society

Gippsland Campus

The OT society is about bringing together the students of Fed Uni Gippsland studying occupational therapy, creating an opportunity to network, share information and the role of OT in the great community.  OT Society is run by a committee of students that is welcoming to new members joining.  Our future plans for OT Society include health promotion activities amongst our peers, fundraising and raising awareness in our community about the special powers of occupational therapists!


Robotics Society

Gippsland Campus

The FedUni Robotic Society aims to create a space for like-minded people to have the opportunity to learn, create and build off each other. The Society’s objective is to provide a collaborative environment that allows students to work together to produce a real-world solution for mechatronic problems.