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Ballarat campuses

Arts Society

Each year FedUni's third year Fine Arts students band together in a fantastic group called the Arts Society to raise money for an exhibition in Melbourne and/or to promote & expand the end of year 'EYE' exhibition. This exhibition highlights graduate's work and some chosen pieces from first and second year students also.


Christians @ Uni

Anyone is welcome at Christians @ Uni, whether you just have questions about the good news of Jesus, or you are a Christian wanting to live out and mature in your faith alongside your family in Christ. This is the place to explore life's meaning, and learn how the bible applies to your life at uni and beyond.

CU runs weekly events, including Tuesday evening bible talks, prayer meetings and bible studies. There are also plenty of fun social activities spread throughout the year, as well as several camps to cover focused bible topics in detail while hanging out together. Contact us to learn more or to join in.

Get in contact:

Green Room

Green Room is a performing arts society. They hold events to raise money for third year students showcase, where they are presented to agents and industry contacts.

Contact details

PE Society

The Federation University PE Society invites students to become a part of a society that has like-minded interests in sports and social gatherings. This club is open to all students at Federation University and not just limited to PE students.

Our society is a well-known club to past and present students which aims to provide enjoyable events for all students, which can be found on our Facebook page (listed below).

One of our main events for the year is the PE Ball which is a major event on the yearly social calendar at the University. If you are interested in becoming a part of our society or want to find out more information, please contact our Facebook page directly.

Facebook Page: Federation University PE Society
Instagram Page: fedunipesociety

Stone Cutters Society

The Ballarat Stone Cutters welcomes students with open arms and invites all students and members to be involved in events run by our social group.

Our club has a rich reputation for organising and offering exciting events tailored to all current students as we have a variety of interesting social gatherings aiming to please everyone, these can all be found on our Facebook page “Stone Cutters Ballarat”.

If you are interested in helping run different events and have a passion for even management, feel free to contact our Facebook page directly.

Contact us:


IT Crowd

The Fed Uni IT Crowd was formed to assist students in the completion of their activities, organise social events (Gaming nights, networking events, etc), make contact with Industry professionals to broaden student’s awareness of work/experience opportunities, and to foster inclusiveness throughout the faculty and university by encouraging people from outside School of Engineering, Information Technology and Physical Sciences to participate.


Federation University Nursing Society

The Federation University Nursing society (FUNS) invites students studying nursing to join our like-minded community to interact, support and work together.
We provide peer support from fellow students, debriefs and plenty of social events to reward ourselves for all the hard work from the year that's been.
We celebrate with members, non-members, friends and fellow students.
We encourage all skill levels, from all year levels and all different abilities to join and become members. Our strong collaborative society is recognised for its social studies, team initiative and enjoyable events.

If you’re interested in joining our society please contact us:

General enquires and information at-
Events information please contact us via-
Facebook- Feduni Nursing Society

Sports clubs

FedUni AFL Club

The Federation University Australian Rules Football Club invites students with a passion for sport, health and well-being to be a part of a community of like-minded students. We encourage all skill levels to join our very successful Men’s and Women’s teams and welcome non playing members to be a part of our strong social culture.

Our club has a strong reputation for delivering exciting events tailored to current students' wants and needs, which you can stay up to date with via our Facebook page below. Our reputation continues on the sporting field where we have claimed multiple Australian UniSport National Championship titles (formerly known as Uni Games) for both teams, including three straight years undefeated for our Men’s team.


FedUni Medieval Battle Club

The FedUni LARP club meet regularly to run activities which include both role play and combat simulation using LARP safe foam weapons. Combat simulation is in a medieval style and uses weapons that are subject to safety checks and safety rules under guidance of experienced players.



Federation University’s Outdoor Recreational Group 'FedOut' welcomes students, staff, and community members to join our team. We provide members with experiences in the outdoors, such as hiking, bike riding, rock climbing, surfing, and many more activities.

Establishing our club in late 2019, we are excited to build upon our community, creating a supportive environment open to people of all skill levels that are wanting to gain a greater outdoor experience.

Keep updated on what is in store for us by following us on Facebook at FedOut, or emailing us at

Gippsland Campus

FedUni Games and Tech Society

The FedUni Games & Tech Society (formally FedUni IT Society) is a club aimed at anyone interested in the wonderful world of information technology, be they students, staff, faculty or community members. We aim to help students develop professional skills, bridging the gap between a university education and real-world skills that employers expect.

Club activities include:

  • Software development projects
  • Video Game Nights | weeks 3,5,7,9 and 11 | Fridays from 3:30pm | Student Lounge
  • Study groups
  • Seminars, Workshops and Conferences

For more details please contact us at


FedUni Tabletop Society

The FedUni Tabletop Society plays games on top of a table:

  • Board-Games
  • Settlers of Catan
  • Chess
  • Role-Playing Games
  • Dungeons & Dragons
  • Shadowrun
  • Monopoly, the Friendship Maker
  • Magic: The Gathering
  • Some more niche things

Regular board game nights - Every Monday evening in the Student Lounge.
Role-playing nights - Wednesday nights - check facebook/email for locations.

We are an active club indeed!

You might be thinking: "That sounds fun but I am plagued with self doubt and think I would be bad at games. I don't even know the rules!"

Good news! There is no requirement for anyone to be good at anything, ever!

Follow that facebook link or email for specifics, or come find us in the student lounge doing our thing. We'll be the ones playing games.


Islamic Society of FedUni

The Islamic Society of FedUni aims to enrich the lives of FedUni students through the following:

  • To bring together as many like-minded FedUni students and friends for the purpose of improving their social and cultural experience through offering member events and activities
  • Provide an opportunity for FedUni students to represent and actively participate in recreational tours, extracurricular activities, Ramadan and Eid events and various Islamic cultural activities.
  • Provide assistance for the students in their academic, non-academic and religious affairs.


Sports clubs

Fed Sport and Adventure Society

We are a brand-new Federation University Society, the Sports Adventure Society or FED SAS for short.

We will be organising and running:

Social Soccer CompMondays from 6pmSynthetic Field
Social DodgeballTuesdays 4 to 5pmChurchill Leisure Centre, Court 3
Social BasketballTuesdays 5 to 6pmChurchill Leisure Centre, Court 3
Social TennisThursdays from 5pmWest Res Tennis Courts

As well as a few adventures throughout the semester. It is a small sign-up fee per semester and with that you get access to all sports listed above and a discount on adventures.

We are a fun loving, easy going group that we hope you want to join.

Facebook: fedsassociety

Medieval LARP Battle Fight Club

MLARPBFC (often just called 'Flarp') is a collection of university students into Live Action Role Play. This includes a helping of pageantry, cosplay and medium-touch medieval battling.

Many/Most of us play at the Saturday Gippsland Swordcraft every fortnight in Traralgon.

Other projects events include:

- Organising an intercampus medieval battle vs those tricksy Ballarat people
- practising/skirmishing
- crafting equipment together, such as shields/bandguns/costumes

And of course if anyone wants to join us on Saturdays, or needs a lift that's very welcome!

Facebook: Medieval LARP battle fight club

Berwick Campus

FedUni Nursing Club

The FedUni Nursing Club (F.U.N.C.) aims to create a sense of community and belonging among students. The F.U.N.C objective is to provide a group that will support each other with both study sessions and host social events. We also try to keep each other informed and provide study tips and have a bit of fun on our Facebook page. The F.U.N.C is slowly growing and will be participating in fund-raising activities for charities and other events for the Uni and community.

Club Email:

FedUni Berwick Islamic Society

FedUni Berwick Islamic Society is about gathering all FedUni Muslim students and spreading positive vibes through festivals related to Islam. We have eight members helping on the club executive, we warmly welcome other students as members to attend club events and help by volunteering with the club. Please contact us for further information or join our Facebook group.


FedUni Berwick Psych Society

Founded in 2018 the Berwick Psych Society is a space for students interested in the fascinating world of the mind. By fostering a culture of peer support The Berwick Psych Society is an opportunity for students to network, socialise, and create lifelong bonds with those who hold similar interests.


Indian Student Association

The FedUni Indian Students Association is a student led club which pursues to promote the Indian culture on campus and aims to provide a common platform to Indian Students, unite one another and develop a sense of togetherness and unity whilst studying on campus.



Berwick Business Club

Our mission is to provide a common platform to students with interest in business, helping students to gain valuable knowledge and skills relevant to the rapidly changing business world. We provide our members with opportunities to build strong connections with local business communities.

Club Email:



FedUni E Games Club

At the FedUni E Games Club we are a group of casual gamers who organise social events (Gaming nights, networking events, etc). We aim to provide a collaborative environment and leverage club financial backing to acquire, deploy, and experiment with emerging and electronic entertainment in web, embedded, automation and gaming.

Club Email:
E Games Club Chat Room:

Sports clubs

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