Making material available to students

The Library has services in place to make high-demand material related to a course available to students. At the moment, these services continue to reflect those offered by the predecessor libraries, resulting in different processes in place for academics according to student cohort.

The Library is reviewing options for the development of a single, expanded service to make material available to students in a timely and efficient manner, at the same time adhering to copyright requirements.

FedUni-only courses Monash teach-out only courses and combined Monash teachout/FedUni courses


eReadings Service

The eReadings service relates to the digitisation of print copyright material (journal articles and book chapters) which can then be linked to within Moodle.

Readings Service

The Readings service relates to placing material on short-term loan at a campus library, as well as the digitisation of print copyright material (journal articles and book chapters).

This service also provides the creation of a web-based reading list with links to the relevant resources.  This reading list service is only available for Monash teachout only courses and combined Monash teachout/FedUni courses.

Copyright and making material available to students

Academics are not permitted to scan book chapters or journal articles and upload them to Moodle. This must be arranged through the Library to ensure compliance in respect to copyright in reliance of the University's Part VB (print and graphic material) statutory licence.

For detailed information about copyright and teaching, refer to material available on the Copyright Services website.

Linking to online resources

Academics can link to online journal articles and eBooks from within Moodle without submitting an eReadings request to the Library (as no copies are being made). Visit the Linking to resources page for further information and to use the link creation tool to create a link that can be inserted into a Moodle course, accessible by students on or off campus.