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Ballarat campuses

Arts Society

Each year FedUni's third year Fine Arts students band together in a fantastic group called the Arts Society to raise money for an exhibition in Melbourne and/or to promote & expand the end of year 'EYE' exhibition. This exhibition highlights graduate's work and some chosen pieces from first and second year students also.

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AusIMM Ballarat Student Chapter

The Ballarat Student Chapter of the Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy (AusIMM) is based at FedUni's Faculty of Science and Technology at the Mt Helen Campus.

The aim of the Student Chapter is to provide events, activities and opportunities for professional development in the minerals industry. Activities which have been held in the past have included field trips to active mine sites, career expos, technical meetings, the New Leaders Conference and Mining Games, social events and meetings.

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Biomed Club

The biomedical club strives to provide a balance between study, career development and fun social events for its members. The club is ran as a social and information base for all biomed students. We run careers nights, monthly parma nights, trivia nights and have an active information page on Facebook.

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Christians @ Uni

We exist for both Christians who want to understand and live out their faith in a more mature way; AND for those who aren't Christians but want to check out Jesus' claims, explore the meaning of life and ask questions.

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Brendan Champness, President

DPI Graphics Club

DPI is the graphic design/multimedia course society. The Society is run by the third year students and is in place to help raise funds to put on an end of year exhibition. The Society also serves as a way to put on events to interact with the other year levels to share information and create unison rather than have three separate years.

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Enactus@FedUni is a group of students participating in an enterprise program offered as part of Federation Business School's commitment to the United Nations' sponsored initiative promoting principles for responsible management education.

Teams use educational outreach projects to teach important concepts including market economics, entrepreneurship, personal and financial success, and business ethics. As they do, they develop leadership, teamwork, and communication skills to better themselves, their communities, and their countries.

The club hold a number of events on campus throughout the year for all students to participate in, including the O-Week cafe crawl.

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Green Room

Green Room is a performing arts society. They hold events to raise money for third year students showcase, where they are presented to agents and industry contacts.

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Geology Society

The FedUni Geology Society is a group of enthusiastic students and lecturers interested in geology and other earth sciences. As well as a great networking group, the society give students the opportunity to go on extra-curricular field trips ranging from day trips to places like Bendigo, to weekend-long trips to places like the Grampians and Wilson's Promontory. Most field trips are hosted by one or more of the geology department's lecturers and are a great way to get to know their field of interest a little better as well as be exposed to different aspects of geology. We also visit mine sites and have guest speakers from time to time. We also try to have a barbecue each term for all our members to get together, network and socialise.

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Olivia Schmidt, President

Golden Key International Honour Society

Founded in 1977, Golden Key International Honour Society is the world's premier academic honour society that exits to unlock and enliven excellence within its members. Undergraduates in the top 15% of their class and top performing graduate students in all academic disciplines are invited to become members of the society.

Membership in Golden Key is a coveted distinction that places students and alumni within a lifetime network of world leaders, Rhodes Scholars, authors, corporate executives, Olympians, dignitaries and other highly successful individuals. These associations provide unmatched access to personal education, career enhancement and unique service opportunities.

Golden Key strives to unlock the potential of each of its members by upholding standards of excellence on-campus and beyond. Elevated by its three pillars – academics, leadership and service – Golden Key sets the standard for achievement in these areas. Combining integrity and collaboration in all that it does, Golden Key supports its members' drive to learn, lead and help others.

View our Golden Key website

PE Society

The PE Society is open to all students but mainly caters for those students studying PE teaching as well as human movement and sports science. Hosting everything from social nights, sport and recreation events as well as professional development sessions and opportunities. The history of this Society dates back to the early 90's with many of the University's former graduates still eager to share stories of their time studying at FedUni with very fond memories of the PE Society.

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Rainbow Collective

Rainbow Collective is a support group for LGBTIQ students studying at FedUni, as well as any friends of the University. It is a club that is run by students, for students and hosts a number of small events and social gatherings throughout the year.

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Stone Cutters

Founded in 2004, Stone Cutters is one of the largest university-based social societies in all of Australia. With over 1400 members signing up yearly their events tend to dominate the social landscape at FedUni (Ballarat).

Stone Cutters prides itself on creating the most relevant and unique social events for its members.

Regular meetings/events

Below is a list of some of the signature events hosted by Stone Cutters.

  • O-Week 'Back to School Party'
  • O-Week 'Tour of Tradition'
  • Giant Beach Party
  • Black Tie Ball (end of semester 1)
  • Welcome back week Mystery Tour
  • Clash of the Titans (Joint event with Deakin Juggernauts Social Society, Geelong)
  • End of Term 'Bronze Age/Toga Party'
  • Oktoberfest (Mini festival of German food and entertainment)

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Facebook: Stonecutters Facebook page

The Feds (Mature Age Student Club)

A club created by the mature-age student body to make new friends, share skills and leadership experiences, go to fun events that you get a say in running or just to catch up and have a chat.

This club is open to all students who began their studies when they were 21 years or older. While the club mostly have a lot of fun, The Feds also aim to help students overcome the issues that are getting in the way of their student experience by sharing knowledge, linking people in with the needed service or adding our voice to theirs when they are not being heard.

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Psych Society

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Facebook: Psych Society's Facebook

Sports clubs

FedUni Ultimate Frisbee Club

The FedUni Ultimate Frisbee Club welcome all students to come and have a go at this exciting sport. Training is weekly on Thursdays week 1-12 at the Mt Helen Oval from 4-6pm.

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FedUni AFL Club

Love either men's or women's AFL and keen to represent FedUni at Australian University Games? Then FedUni Football Club has you covered. With regular training sessions and a great social culture, FedUni FC is a great club to be involved with even if you're not a playing member. With team merchandise, free BBQs and player privileges, who wouldn't want to be a part of this up and coming football club.

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Twitter: @fedunifc
Instagram: fedunifc

Students of Ballarat Hockey Club

The FedUni Hockey Squad train/play on a regular basis, as well as representing the university at both Southern and Australian University Games.

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FedUni Live Action Role Play Club

The FedUni LARP club meet regularly to run activities which include both role play and combat simulation using LARP safe foam weapons. Combat simulation is in a medieval style and uses weapons that are subject to safety checks and safety rules under guidance of experienced players.


FedUni Quidditch Club

The FedUni Quidditch Club welcome all students to come and have a go at this exciting sport.

Training times:

  • Tuesdays week 1-12 at the Mt Helen Bottom Oval from 4-6pm.
  • Fridays week 1-12 at the Mt Helen Top Oval from 4-6pm.

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FedUni Orienteering Club

Interested in Orienteering, rogaining, running or just keeping fit while hanging out with friends? Join the FedUni Orienteering Club.

We aim for all of our members to have the opportunity to improve their abilities in a fun and rewarding social environment. Additionally the club is aiming to compete in University, Victoria wide and Australia wide events.



FedUni Squash Club


Gippsland Campus

Christians @ FedUni Gippsland

At Christians @ Uni Gippsland, we are on about Jesus. Who was he? Why is he important? Why should you care? Come along to find out!
We want to build a supportive and friendly community through which people will come to know, trust and live for Jesus at FedUni Gippsland



FedUni Gippsland Outdoor Club

The FedUni Gippsland Outdoor Club brings together people with a love of the outdoors. We do this by offering you, our members, opportunities to explore nature in exciting and friendly ways. We are dedicated to your ideas of activities and actively seek your ideas and leadership. It is through these activities in the outdoors that we learn more about ourselves, and become a stronger community.


FedUni Gippsland Science Society

The FedUni Gippsland Science Society aims to encourage a community spirit amongst all scientists and those interested in science in and around the Federation University Australia Gippsland campus at Churchill.

To do this it hopes to:

  1. broaden the horizon of Undergraduate students by introducing them to more avenues of employment post degree.
  2. provide activities of interest to the membership.
  3. provide a forum that is open to members and the general public for discussion of scientific and technological issues and their impact on the community across the scientific disciplines and with the community at large.
  4. support endeavours to increase science education.


FedUni IT Society

The FedUni IT Society (FITS) is a club aimed at anyone interested in the wonderful world of information technology, be they students, staff, faculty or community members. We aim to help students develop professional skills, bridging the gap between a university education and real-world skills that employers expect.

Club activities include:

  • Software development projects
  • Event nights
    • Movie
    • Video games
    • Other fun activities
  • Study groups
  • Seminars, Workshops and Conferences

For more details please contact us at

FedUni Nursing Society

The FedUni Nursing Society (F.U.N.S.) aims to create a sense of community and belonging among students. The FedUni Nursing Society endeavours to provide support for students by facilitating an informal peer support group on a weekly basis and host social events for students. The FedUni Nursing Society also intends to engage in fund-raising activities specifically for charities aimed at improving the health and well-being of the local community.

Contact email :

FedUni Psych Society Gippsland

FedUni Psych Society Gippsland aims to form an inclusive community among students of the psychology discipline and improve their social and cultural experience through offering member events and activities.


FedUni Social Society

The FedUni Social Society (FUSS) offers a range of social events and activities in order to establish a community minded society for students of FedUni Gippsland.

Facebook: /fedunisocial
Instagram: @fedunisocial
Snapchat: fedunisocial

FedUni Tabletop Society

The FedUni Tabletop Society plays games on top of a table:

  • Board-Games
  • Settlers of Catan
  • Chess
  • Role-Playing Games
  • Dungeons & Dragons
  • Shadowrun
  • Monopoly, the Friendship Maker
  • Magic: The Gathering
  • Some more niche things

Regular board game nights - Every Tuesday evening.
Casual card games - Wednesday lunch.
Regular Role-playing nights - As people organise them. Come to meetups or check the facebook/email.

We are an active club indeed!

You might be thinking: "But Daniel, that sounds fun but I am plagued with self doubt and think I would be bad at games. I don't even know the rules!"

Good news! There is no requirement for anyone to be good at anything, ever!

Follow that facebook link or email for specifics, or come find us in the student lounge doing our thing. We'll be the ones playing games.


Islamic Society of FedUni

The Islamic Society of FedUni aims to enrich the lives of FedUni students through the following:

  • To bring together as many like-minded FedUni students and friends for the purpose of improving their social and cultural experience through offering member events and activities
  • Provide an opportunity for FedUni students to represent and actively participate in recreational tours, extracurricular activities, Ramadan and Eid events and various Islamic cultural activities.
  • Provide assistance for the students in their academic, non-academic and religious affairs.


Sports clubs

FedUni Gippsland Soccer Club

The FedUni Gippsland Soccer Club run a soccer comp on Monday nights that is social, fast paced and fun.

Season starting date: Week 4 Monday 19th March
Rounds: 8 (no games during lecture breaks)
Finals: Week 12 Monday 28th May
Cost: $5 per player
Players per Team: min of 6 and max of 10.

To create or join a team, email

Berwick Campus

FedUni IT Club Berwick

For all of you who love anything to do with IT, we wish to improve your skills and knowledge. We aim to provide professional development opportunities through collaboration, workshops, seminars, networking and industry events.


Sports clubs

FedUni Berwick Basketball Club

We won the local Berwick indoor sports competition in 2017! Our aim is to represent the University in major competitions and allow for the growth of talent. Playing competitive sport relaxes you, keeps you fit, and helps you succeed. While we currently have one men’s team playing on Monday nights, we would like to get a mixed or female team into the league for next season. Other plans include getting to the Nationals Div 2 at the Gold Coast in 2018.


FedUni Netball Club Berwick

We play every Tuesday in the local Berwick Indoor Mixed Netball Competition. We aim to play competitively and provide a fun social atmosphere for Berwick students.  We will be holding social events as well as getting more teams together in 2018. Currently, we have two teams playing in the league and hope to bring more teams into the league for the start of the 2018 winter season in March.