Jumaadi’s art making is contemplative, and serves as a means to record daily experience. From drawing to performance, his work can be singular or stand alone, or multiple works arranged into larger installations, bringing about a parallel reality from conventional understandings to thought-provoking ideas.

In Jumaadi’s new work, Naturally Wrong, 2017 he uses animal hide as his primary medium and form of artistic expression - a classic medium still used by many communities around the world and form of material culture, traditionally used for shadow theatre, found in Bali, Java (Indonesia), India, China, Greece and Turkey. His new project creates imagery and symbolism from hide, combining indiscriminate or random yet united images, referencing physical, social and cultural displacement by placing natural forms outside their conventional or geographical context.

Image: Naturally Wrong, 2017 (detail), buffalo hide, buffalo horn, dimensions vary. Courtesy the artist