Carly Fischer


Melbourne-based artist Carly Fischer’s sculptural and audio installations explore some of the complexities and contradictions involved in contemporary notions of place and cultural identity. Adopting an ethnographic process of collecting objects, stories, stereotypes and mythologies from place to place, her installations weave found and fabricated fragments into alternate narratives that suggest a more ambiguous contemporary place - a souvenir, a comment, a song, an advertisement or a piece of roadside trash can become a point of departure for investigating the broader context that surrounds it. Through sampling, remixing and reconstructing these collected objects and stories into new sculptural and audio propositions, Fischer reflects on contemporary place as a complex mix of facts, fictions and fantasies.

Fischer’s new sculptural and audio installation, Creating False Memories for a Place That Never Was, Part 2, continues her recent investigations, reflecting on some of the confusing cultural representations of Australia. Presented as an immersive environment of staged sculptural fragments and surround sound of voices and ‘Deep Forrest’ music, Carly references and highlights the chasm that exists between personal memory and perpetuated myths about Australia.

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Image: Creating False Memories for a Place That Never Was, Part 2, 2016, found Australian, Indonesian, African and Polynesian wooden souvenirs; found wooden household objects, pine, Tasmanian oak, balsa, bamboo, MDF, cotton, nylon, rocks, adhesives, acrylic paint and varnishes; and audio soundscape. Dimensions: variable. Audio mixing: Mieko Suzuki. Photo: Matthew Stanton. Courtesy the artist