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Abdul Abdullah


Abdul Abdullah was born in Perth (WA) and is currently based in Sydney NSW. Abdul works across painting, photography, video, installation and performance. As a self-described outsider amongst outsiders, his practice is primarily concerned with the experience of the ‘other’ in society.

In Abdul Abdullah’s body of self-portraits, he examines our relationship to the natural world. The series also acts as an epilogue to the work, Siege, 2014 In the way the image reflects the way in which the human figure appears to be coming to terms with his natural self. While the figure sees his reflection in the monkey he holds, the monkey in a way sees itself in the man. Within this challenging context, they are the same, but they are entirely different, with each seeking comfort/solace in the other. It is an intimate space they share but while one is unspoiled and original, the other is a monstrous emulation. Here Abdullah hopes to communicate a sense of optimism and camaraderie in an inherited world littered with the challenges left before them and survive the hostilities.

Abdul Abdullah

Image: Conciliation of self, Reconciliation of self, Restitution of self, 2015, digital print 100cm x 100cm each. Courtesy the artist