Prospective apprentices


Pre-apprenticeship programs have been conducted over many years at this University. This is a pathway for those students wishing to gain apprenticeships in a particular trade area. The employment take-up after a student has completed one of these programs is very high as employers often ask our teaching staff for potential apprentices to employ in their businesses.

We offer pre-apprenticeship programs in the following industry areas and all enquirers should go directly to the departments listed, or call our info line on 1800 333 864.

Start your career at school

VET in Schools

If you have completed or partially completed a VET in Schools course whilst still at secondary school in any of the above mentioned pre-apprenticeship programs, you may be eligible for Recognition of Current Competencies (RCC). Please check at the time of application to see if this is applicable to you.

Australian school-based apprenticeships

If you are still at secondary school you may be able to do an Australian school-based apprenticeship as part of your school studies. There are a number of ways this could be managed and may include working in industry two days per week and going to school three days per week. For options to suit you, contact your careers coordinator at school.

Six easy steps to becoming a trainee or an apprentice

  1. Think about what areas you would like to work in (there are loads of industries that now have traineeships and apprenticeships available).
  2. Update your resume.
  3. Visit employers to drop off your resume and discuss if they could employ you as a trainee or an apprentice (most employers these days know the steps in employing you under this program) and talk to Group Training Australia's local office, and visit your local Australian Apprenticeship Centres (AACs) and look in newspapers for jobs advertised and visit local job network providers.
  4. Check employment websites for traineeships and apprenticeships that may be available outside our region.
  5. Consider doing a VET in Schools course or a pre-apprenticeship program at TAFE to gain some entry level skills.
  6. Be persistent!

Support services

We have a wide range of support services available for students at each of our campuses. Staff are aware of the challenges students face moving from secondary study into tertiary education and are there to make the transition process as easy as possible.

Services available include:

  • Financial, personal, welfare and vocational counselling
  • Health services
  • Accommodation and housing service
  • Student learning support.


For further information on accommodation for apprentices please visit the Fedliving and Short-term accommodation web pages.

Information links

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