TESOL Methodology, Language Teaching and Technology (HENAE6114)

This course introduces students to methodologies and theories for English language teaching in the TESOL context. Students will explore current and well-researched TESOL methodologies and practices addressing teaching the macro skills of reading, writing, speaking and listening, as well as micro skills such as vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, and spelling. Students will also examine the implications of socio-cultural influences facing learners. Contemporary theories of TESOL pedagogy will be taught and the findings from technology assisted language research/CALL will be covered in depth. Students will become familiar with current research relating to language teaching and technology from applied linguistics, corpus linguistics and computer assisted language learning. The course also explores disciplinary language, English for Academic Purposes and English for specific and academic purposes. Furthermore, students will explore how computer technology can support language teaching and research. Students will learn how to conduct computer-aided analysis of vocabulary and grammar and how to use this information to plan and implement curriculum. Students will learn to use a range of user-friendly applications to measure language proficiency and understand the English language needs of learners. Consideration for appropriate forms of assessment for ESL learners, and how technology can be used to inform assessment will also be covered.

Single subject short-course cost: $795

Program code: XC01

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