Teaching in Nature (HENAE6001)

This course is designed to provide teaching with a deep understanding of the theory and pedagogical approaches and practices of learning with nature as an alternative approach and pedagogy to curriculum design. Historical and contemporary approaches to nature programs will be addressed including the impact of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander perspectives on early nature programs in Australia. This course will acquaint teachers with the value and benefits of learning with nature and how these approaches generate opportunities to differentiate teaching strategies and methods to meet a range of children's abilities, interests and dispositions, including children with special needs and those from a culturally diverse background. Teachers will also come to understand that learning with nature supports other curriculum approaches and pedagogies such as play-based pedagogies, inquiry learning stances, socially inclusive practice and learner engagement. Teachers will explore a range of curriculum teaching areas, in particular science and environmental education, numeracy and technology and how nature programs can meet curricula, teaching methods and legislative requirements of curriculum areas and other regulatory frameworks. Teachers will examine how children's health, wellbeing and safety can be addressed in nature programs and how such programs incorporate notions of diversity, difference and inclusion. Teachers will come to understand the importance of family and community partnerships in the planning, programming and evaluation of nature programs and will be able to demonstrate the ability to plan for children prior-to-school as they transition to school, particularly within the science curriculum area.

Single subject short-course cost: $795

Program code: XC01

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